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Athens, Greece


My age is 18 and my real name is Jim , i started programming during my third grade of primary school.

At first i started with Logo language which taught me the real meaning of software developing. It introduced me to the world of programs and made me interested in them.

Ever since 2013 programming is like a hobby to me , so day after day i am getting to it closer and closer. Now i know over 10 programming languages but my favorite is python.

I currently study computer engineering at Athens University of Economics and Business but it's my dream to go outside Greece and live my life as a programmer.


English, Greek, Modern

Favorite Python Packages:

ftplib , json , socket , Flask , SqlAlchemy , turtle , os , fabric , math , beautifulsoup


2 Months Back-End Web Developer


Fabric, Flask, Git, Linux, Nginx, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, Web Development

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