Maria Karanasou

Machine Learning Python Developer

Athens, Greece


I am
- A curious mind,
- A quick learner. I rather enjoy learning new things, acquiring skills and understanding how things work!
- A good developer who can deliver and work under minimal supervision and appreciates interesting problems, interesting architecture and clean, self-explanatory code - that doesn't mean that I have not written monstrous spaghetti or self-repeating code or quick-and-dirty hacks. I believe we all have done that under certain circumstances :)
- Something between a Data Scientist and a Software Developer, having experience in both.


English, Greek, Modern

Favorite Python Packages:

scikit-learn, pandas, flask, nltk


I have a diverse background and experience, in short,

- I have a Bachelor in CS (University of Piraeus Digital Systems Dpt.) and an MSc (Network-Oriented Systems),

- In my 8 years of experience,

  • I have been responsible for the IT department of a small company,
  • I have worked as a Back-end Software Developer,
  • A Telecom Software Engineer,
  • A Full-Stack Software Developer (and quite enjoy the Front-End aspect),
  • A Researcher dealing with Sentiment Analysis at Scale.

- I am currently working as a Machine Learning Python Developer (scikit-learn, pandas, d3.js etc.):

  • designing and performing experiments that improve the Security Analytics platform,
  • establishing a formal testing methodology of the accuracy of the current platform,
  • researching regarding the scalability of the platform along with the ESA team,
  • experimenting with Apache Spark.

- My primary programming languages are C#, Python, JavaScript and I have worked with many frameworks.

- I enjoy teamwork, pair-programming or just helping others by providing guidance and sometimes just being the rubber-duck. I also enjoy working peacefully on my own.


AngularJS, Data Science, Fullstack Development, Machine Learning

Joined: May 20, 2017

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