Ethem Güner

Python & Django Full Stack Developer

İzmir, Turkey


I'm currently working at a cloud based e-commerce integrator in Turkey. We're using Python, Django, Django Rest Framework and PostgreSQL as core technologies. Celery, Redis, Kibana, Elasticsearch are the other techonologies I'm familiar with. I can work with JavaScript and Bootstrap at front-end.

My current missions are developing system behaviours, refactoring, debugging and solving issues, critical system-wide developments and integrations between services.

I've 2 years experience at my current job. I built Rest API's, integrations. Also I can work with data manipulation and data crawling. I've experience with boto3. I did a few developments for Amazon integrations. I worked with Amazon MWS, and currently I'm responsible for all Amazon integration developments & maintance on our system.

Other than that, I've experience on developing desktop applications with Python & PyQt5.

I'm here because I want to improve my skills. I'm fully open to offers.


English, Turkish

Favorite Python Packages:

django, djangorestframework, scrapy, numpy, pandas, boto3, requests, celery and other ones that I don't remember now.


Currently working at cloud based e-commerce integrator in Turkey. I've 2 years experience with Django & Python and several techonologies. Please look at my Summary for more information.


Celery, Django, Django REST Framework, Git, JavaScript, NumPy, Pandas, PostgreSQL, PyQt, Web Development

Joined: July 2021