Pedro Mós

Getting and giving back to the challenge!



Hey everyone!

COVID-19 struck hard and fast everywhere and for me that was my queue as I had already set out to find a new career that would bring me a better quality of life.
Since my background is fully rooted in IT and that's an area that is extremely remote work friendly I then decided to get back into the field. Did some research in order to catch up with current trends and Python came right one top, bought an online course to run through the basics and now I'm currently complementing it with further exercise and experiments with different environments.

I don't like to beat around the bush being pragmatic as I am. I may be new to Python per se, but I have the background and I want and need to get back into the market. I achieved what I set out to do and now it's time to grow even bigger in order to fulfill my dreams. You'll find no more of a driven person than me!

After this I hope you would like to have an interview so I can prove your time is not wasted at all!

Until then,


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