Tuan Doan

Software Developer

Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam


As a software developer, my goal is to continuously improve my skills and knowledge to create efficient and innovative solutions. I'm passionate about delivering high-quality work and eager to learn from experienced professionals to become a valuable contributor to my team.


English, Vietnamese

Favorite Python Packages:

pytest, django, request, opencv, pygame, unitest, sys


Software Engineer, GSI (www.gsi-group.asia)

German Software Intelligence delivers various software solutions, focusing on the AC industry.

Internal web applications:

  • Technologies: Python, Flask, OpenAI, Docker, Gitlab, Javascipt, CSS, HTML
  • Build a web app for checking mispellings on PDFs and translating languages using OpenAI APIs. • Build CI/CD systems for these apps using Docker and Container Registry.

Infrastructure development:

  • Technologies: Linux, Python, Gitlab, Docker, Sonarqube, Agile, Scrum, Prometheus, Grafana
  • Communicate with German PMs to givesolutions to technical challenges.
  • Build the Gitlab's CI/CD system for GSI's internal projects such as ALLPLAN. Support junior developers for relatedCI/CD issues.
  • Build amonitoring system for GSI's projectsusing Prometheus &Grafana.


Founder, Rain Rain Film Festival (www.rainrainfilm.com)

A local film festival planned to be held yearly since 2024. Technologies: Python, Linux, Django, Github Workflows (CI/CD), Javascript, CSS,HTML, Dreamhost

  • Found theregulations and future functioning plans for the festival. • Host the web application on Dreamhost.
  • Build the responsive front-end for the application.
  • Build CI/CD for the application using Github Workflows.


Backend Developer, JULO (www.julo.co.id)

Julo is a growing fintechapp from Indonesia with more than I million requests per day. Technology stack: Django, Javascript, Celery, Redis, PostgreSQL, Docker, Sentry, Datadog, Scrum, AWS

  • Collaborated in an agile/scrum environment within a 7-10 member cross-functional team (including QAs, backend, front-end, and PM).
  • Contributed to the development and enhancement of APIs and features at Julo, a fintech company with over 1 million daily requests.
  • Took responsibility for code quality and functionality, actively monitoring and resolving bugs using tools like Sentry and Datadog.
  • Streamlined bug monitoring by creating a custom script that ran daily as a cron job, delivering updates to the team through Slack.
  • Proactively addressed backend performance by implementing caching, indexing, and code optimization strategies.
  • Played a role in crafting comprehensive API documentation and occasionally proposed process improvements in Jira to enhance team collaboration and efficiency.


Backend Development, Celery, DevOps, Django, Django REST Framework, Docker, FastAPI, Git, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Gunicorn, JavaScript, Jenkins, Linux, PostgreSQL, PyQt, REST, Redis, SQL, Test-Driven Development, Virtualenv, Web Development

Joined: September 2023