Rodgers Kipchumba

Software Engineer

nairobi, Kenya


Highly motivated Software Engineer with 3+ years of experience in developing cutting-edge web applications. Proficient in Python, Django, React-Redux, and agile methodologies. Skilled in large system architecture, network design, and administration. Committed to delivering user-centered website designs to scale. Open to exciting opportunities and collaborations.



Favorite Python Packages:

Django and Flask Flask-RESTful and FastAPI Pandas


Software Engineer - Immer (Remote)

    • Back end Engineer incharge of Implementing Venue Service with business logicBack end Engineer incharge of Implementing Venue Service with business logic

    • Skills: Software Infrastructure · Node.js · TypeScript


Software Engineer at Andela, Nairobi

  • As a member of the development team at Andela, I played a crucial role in building "Authors Haven," a dynamic social platform that allows authors to create and share articles. Using Python Django for the back-end and React-Redux for the front-end, we developed a seamless and user-friendly experience for both content creators and readers.
  • Later, I joined the back-end team of "Activo," an asset management product aimed at streamlining Andela's asset operations. By implementing Python Flask RESTplus, we improved the efficiency of the operations team by 8% and reduced their workload by 30%

Joined: September 2023