Dachary Carey

Technical writer turned developer

Bennington, United States


I've been writing professionally since 2007, focused on technical writing starting in 2015, and have gradually gotten more technical ever since. The slide into developer has been a long time coming.

My preferred coding languages are Python and Swift, although I've done a few courses on Java. I've done a little work with Docker, and even less with Ruby, but have touched things in both. I'd be a senior technical writer but would only consider myself a junior level dev, based on my experience - could be a valuable combo for the right org!



Favorite Python Packages:

Utility all the way - Requests & JSON


I joined Stanford Engineering Department's Code in Place program to learn Python during the coronavirus epidemic. Throughout the course, I've written a handful of portfolio-style apps, culminating in my final project: a screenshot inventory tool I wrote to help with my technical writing job. This tool prompts a user for input to build up a library of screenshots and associated paths, then uses an API to talk to a visual diffing tool to determine if there are changes to any of those paths on a staging server. The user gets a list of screenshots to update based on the pages that have changed. The app also provides metrics for the user around the coverage of their external library of assets represented within the app.

Continuing development on this project is intended to incorporate Flask to build a web UI, and Python/Swift interoperability to write a MacOS version of the app.

Prior to this, I've written a yet-unreleased iOS app in Swift, in addition to helping with minor tweaks to open source projects. Most of those contributions have been through documentation, or occasionally creating a starter code snippet for popular frameworks.



Joined: May 20, 2020