Gavin Scott

Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist

Taipei, Taiwan (temporarily), United States


I received my Master's degree in Computer Science from California Polytechnic State University, with an emphasis on machine learning and data science. I'm currently doing freelance work, but I am open to a full-time position working on an interesting project, particularly ones relating to NLP.

I'm a U.S. citizen but I'm living in Taiwan until June 2018, so I'm only looking for positions that allow me to work remotely, or that are located in Taipei.



Favorite Python Packages:

NLTK, Numpy, Scipy, Scikit-learn, pandas, BeautifulSoup, MatplotLib


Amazon Web Services, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, MySQL, Natural Language Processing, NumPy, Pandas, SciPy

Joined: Aug. 30, 2017

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