Roberto Morati

Roberto Morati

Vitória, Brazil


Masters degree in Computer Science at UFES (Federal University of Espírito Santo, Brazil), also graduate in this area and Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) Java SE. Consider yourself as a technology agnostic. In other words, believe in the use of different technologies in order to solve different problems. Has developed software mostly based on Java, C/C++, Python and, constantly, trying to learn new languages and framework. Has experience in different fields: Full-text search Engine, Model Driven Development, Model Transformation, Ontology, System Interoperability, Augmented Reality, Locative Games, Decision Making and Web. Nowadays, work with computer science applied to healthcare to provides teleconsulting and other services to the primary health care, and responsible by the software for scholarship management for universities in the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil.


English, Portuguese

Favorite Python Packages:

django-elasticsearch-dsl, rest framework, weasyprint, django-python3-ldap, django-oauth-toolkit, wkhtmltopdf, django-mama-cas, celery


Systems Analyst - Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Espírito Santo (IFES), Vitória, Brazil, 07/2014 - Present

Works in the Telessaude Program that aims to provide teleconsulting, telecardiology, and other services for the primary health care in Brazil. These services are supported by the Salus platform. The Salus is based on the Django framework, integrated with DATASUS (Department of IT of SUS, Brazil) supported by Docker with other microservices.

Systems Analyst - Scholarship for universities in Nossa Bolsa, Brazil, 06/2015 - Present

Responsible for the Nossa Bolsa software, based on Java, whose main purpose is to provide free access in universities for students of the public network. Works on the gathering of requirements, the evolution of the database (normalization and migration of data) and maintenance of the Nossa Bolsa. Created the Portal of the Candidate and rewrote the system registration of students using the Python with the framework Django by means of reverse engineering. Still, was responsible for the implantation of the new systems with Docker in Linux server.


Apache, Backend Development, Django, Django REST Framework, Docker, Elasticsearch, Fullstack Development, Git, Gunicorn, JavaScript, MySQL, Nginx, PostgreSQL, ReactJS, uWSGI

Joined: Aug. 2, 2018