Santiago Iturriaga

Adjunct professor/Researcher

Montevideo, Uruguay


I have a solid experience working as an IT Professional with over 8 years of software development experience applying object-oriented design, architectural patterns, and parallel and distributed computing techniques. I also have 9 years of experience in academic lecturing and research. My main research topics are evolutionary algorithms, solving combinatorial optimization problems, and parallel/distributed computing techniques. I’m a quick learner, responsible, I pay attention to detail and I like problem-solving challenges.


English, Spanish


Since 2013
Universidad de la República, Uruguay
Adjunct Professor/Researcher
Full-time professor at the Computer Science Institute. Have been teaching OS and Evolutionary Algorithms for ∼8 years, and have taught HPC for ∼4 years.

Since 2018
ClusterUY, Uruguay
Technical and operations manager of project ClusterUY ( ClusterUY is an academic project to provide a powerful but affordable high performance computing solution for research and innovation projects.


Docker, Linux

Joined: May 2023