Clément Lelièvre

Python generalist freelancer

Tours, France


I came to Python because at my work there was a growing need for automating reports. Since then I have kept learning and loving Python.
I have been freelancing since 2020, working mostly on automation or data science topics, but above all what I love is solving problems and building algorithms that scale.


English, French, Italian, Spanish

Favorite Python Packages:

Pandas, Numpy, Beautiful Soup, FastAPI, functools (builtin), scikit-learn


I have worked on many assignments, solo or in teams, primarily in Python and remotely.

I started teaching at a data science bootcamp in 2020 then moved on to actual coding assignments.

Those include:

- building a dataviz app for Essilor Luxottica

- building a ETL pipeline for a New-York based PharmaTech

- building a data analysis app for a Paris-based Private Equity fund

- building a neural net for an e-sports company


Please find a sample of the work I've done here


Data Science, Docker, FastAPI, Git, Heroku, Keras, Machine Learning, NumPy, Pandas, TensorFlow, Test-Driven Development, Web Scraping

Joined: November 2022