Adnan Kaya

Python Web Developer

Ankara, Turkey


Highly skilled and proactive Python developer with a proven track record of delivering high-quality projects ahead of schedule. Known for strong problem-solving skills and the ability to quickly identify and resolve issues. Exceptional communicator with a focus on delivering exceptional customer service. Documents the projects with thoroughness and attention to detail, including well-documented code and reports.


English, Turkish

Favorite Python Packages:




Freelance Software Engineer | Upwork [ Currently ]


Some Projects I completed for my clients :


Developed an app(MVP Project) that allows users to search criminals on the multiple services. Tech stack: python, flask, celery, redis, mongodb, vuejs, docker, gunicorn, digital ocean, microservices

Migrated existing python 2.7 and django 1.9 project to python3.11 and django 3.2.x. First of all I added unittests to the project to make sure everything works as expected after version migration. Also I optimized code base to speed up page load and reduce database calls. In the end I deployed the project into AWS EC2 ubuntu server with apache webserver.

Collected over 30 thousands email addresses by using python, scrapy, selenium from job posting websites for my client.

Built social networking and chat application for my client by using python, django, redis, bootstrap, html. Also developed restapi for him with python, django, django rest framework.

Implemented payment system into existing python, django project for my client.


Backend Developer | Akinon [ 1 year 7 months ]


Development and maintenance of existing e-commerce, admin and ETL projects with Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Redis, Celery, Git, Bitbucket


Software Engineer | Karacasu Textile R&D Center [ 2 years 10 months ]


Design, development, maintenance, deployment and management of an in-house web application with Python, Django, Angular, MySQL, Git, Bitbucket. The web application allows to calculate the costs of manufacturing the yarn, to follow the sales and the proposals for the clients, and to follow the stocks of raw materials.

Developed computer vision GUI tool with Python, OpenCV, Tkinter for manipulating captured frames.

Mentored a computer engineering student. Helped him to learn Python, Django, Javascript, Angular, Git


Celery, Django, Django REST Framework, Docker, FastAPI, Flask, Fullstack Development, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, Web Development

Joined: March 2024