Dale Gundersen

Full Stack Python and .NET Developer

Highlands Ranch, CO, United States


• Full stack .NET and Python developer with 18 years experience.
• Experience programming with Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013; both C# (preferred) and VB.
• Experience developing in Python, Flask, and Jinja.
• Database development experience in MS SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012; Oracle 10g; MongoDB; PostgreSQL.
• Architecture, and development experience in ASP.NET, Razor, Windows Forms, and SharePoint projects including custom web part development and SharePoint administration.
• Experience in web technologies including JavaScript, jQuery, Ember, AJAX, XML, XSL, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JSP, PHP.
• Experience with Subversion, Git, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Visual SourceSafe.
• B.S. in Computer Science

Specialties: .NET, ASP.NET, C#, Python, SQL, PL/SQL, J2EE, jQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, XSL, HTML, DHTML, CSS.



Favorite Python Packages:

PIL, requests, numpy


9/2016 – Present

Senior Engineer

Consumer Acquisition LLC

Livermore, CA

• Worked with CTO to develop AdRules, an advertising automation platform to create and optimize ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Offers real-time analytics and reporting.

• Involved integration with third party APIs including:

o Facebook’s Graph and Marketing APIs

o Google’s AdWords API

o Slack API

o Shutterstock API

• Application consisted of Python and Flask with a PostgreSQL database.

10/2014 – 9/2016

Senior Software Engineer

Nugget Markets, Inc.

Woodland, CA

• Contracted to assist architect and develop an in-house solution for invoicing, ordering, and other critical functions required to run the corporate and 12 branch grocery stores. The solution was intended to replace the existing third party system.

• Application consisted of VB.NET, SQL Server, and MongoDB on the back end with a UI built in Ember.js making requests to a .NET Web API. Custom OAuth server used for authentication and authorization.

• Set up and administered TeamCity and Octopus Deploy, as well as custom PowerShell scripts, for use in continuous integration.

• Also helped establish SCRUM methodology to replace more ad hoc processes.

4/2013 – 7/2014

Senior Software Engineer

American Traffic Solutions

Scottsdale, AZ

• Back end development work on .NET (C#) processors for the PlatePass application that handled registering cars and transponders with ATS to track their toll booth usage.

• Personally responsible for implementing a caching mechanism as well as other code optimization to improve performance of some processors.

• Processors were implemented in C# with Oracle 10g as the database.

• Implementation also included PL/SQL development.

• The team operated in a SCRUM environment with three week sprints.

5/2010 – 4/2013

Software Engineering Manager


San Ramon, CA

• Architect and developer of CMPLite (.NET (C#), SQL); a real time auction system that distributes clicks to clients on www.merchantcircle.com based on category, location, budget, and revenue per click.

o Averaged 3 million clicks / mo.

o Generated $760K in revenue in 6 months at 18% margin.

• Development work on the Click Marketplace (CMP), Reply’s real-time auction system for buying and selling clicks as well as the Lead Marketplace (LMP), Reply’s real-time auction system for buying and selling leads.

• CMP and LMP are both .NET applications with extensive use of caching. LMP includes a number of web services for lead affiliates to post data via SOAP.

• Implemented various internal and public business analysis reports in ASP.NET.

• Lead engineer on the profiles system for www.contractors.com (.NET, jQuery, SQL). Includes a billing system for users that sign up for subscription profiles. Online profiles include integration with the Google Maps API.

• Led a team of engineers to manage development and maintenance of applications for the Home Improvement vertical.

4/2004 – 5/2010

Principal Developer

DeVine Consulting, Inc.

Union City, CA

U.S. Department of Agriculture – Street Tree Simulator (STS) Project

• Partnered with client to design and implement application to simulate growth and change of urban forests over time based on budget, maintenance, species and regional data, and other inputs.

• The STS Application is used by managers to run growth/maintenance simulations to quantify benefits and costs and to make decisions on tree care as it relates to future benefits.

• .NET (C#) WinForms application integrated with NHibernate. Also makes use of XML, Excel, and MS Access.

US Geological Survey, Bureau of Land Management – ESR Project

• As project manager and developer, designed and implemented an ASP.NET application for the US Geological Survey for processing Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation plans online.

• Application allows users to submit and retrieve plans online, provides notification of new plans needing approval, and provides the ability to transform plans into MS Word and PDF format.

• Created a follow-up ASP.NET application that allows users to enter data to track the progress and success of plans developed in ESR.

• Extensive use of javascript in both applications.

Alameda County Public Works Agency – SharePoint Dashboard

• Designed and implemented a Sharepoint Portal Server digital dashboard. Implemented custom Web Parts in C# that retrieved and displayed information from multiple mission-critical, third party applications.

• Custom Web Parts displayed information from: Mercury SiteScope, Intuit TrackIt!, APCWeb, HP Insight Manager, Microsoft Windows Server Update Services.

• Implemented an ASP.NET version of their existing ASP Help Center. The Help Center is a custom interface that integrates with TrackIt to create and manage work orders.

11/2002 – 4/2004

Senior Programmer


San Francisco, CA

Yahoo! eClient 2.0 Project – Yahoo!

• Developed the user interface for version 2.0 of the J2EE web messenger which utilized a new API written by Yahoo! engineers to facilitate a much more robust product to be packaged with the Yahoo! Enterprise Messenger product.

• eClient 2.0 Expanded on the eSupport 1.0 project to create a more customizable messenger capable of messaging with both single-byte and multi-byte characters. Also allows for additional features—such as selective presence—that are not offered by the consumer client.

• Implemented server-side Java code that integrated the Yahoo API, and front-end Applet code that ran within a Velocity Template framework.

Yahoo! eSupport 1.0 Project – Yahoo!, BEA

• Partnered with project supervisor and Yahoo! enterprise engineers to finish development of a browser-based implementation of Yahoo!'s instant messenger client to be integrated into the customer support website for BEA.

• Implemented with Java applets, PHP, and JavaScript.

Selling Manager Conversion – eBay

• Worked with a team of engineers to convert the Selling Manager feature of eBay’s website from C++ code to Java.

• Business and presentation layer code consisted of Java, XML, XSLT in a 3-tier J2EE design.

10-2000 – 6/2002

Software Engineer

Playback Media

Redwood Shores, CA

• Developed a J2EE web application to stream videos using Windows Media Player and Real Player for use in online learning programs.

• User interface consisted of JSP, JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, and Java applets and servlets.

• Extensive experience with cross-browser implementation (at the time, primarily IE and Netscape).

2/2000 – 10/2000

Software Engineer

TrueLink, Inc.

San Jose, CA

• Worked with a team of engineers to implement a J2EE application that processes online credit report requests.

• Implemented the business layer code to request and parse raw data for credit reports received from Experian, Equifax, and Transunion and transform it into TrueLink’s proprietary format.


Django, Flask, Frontend Development, Fullstack Development, Git, JavaScript, MongoDB, MySQL, NumPy, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Test-Driven Development, Web Development, jQuery

Joined: Feb. 22, 2018

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