Abdullah Kamil

Software Engineer

Jakarta, Indonesia


Software Engineer with an ability to complete tasks on time in both individual and team settings. Dependable and reliable, ready to learn and grow with your company. Adaptable student with knowledge of Application Development, Web Development and Python Frameworks. Frequently praised for communication by my peers, I can be relied upon to help your company achieve its goals. Hard worker experienced in problem-solving, service and time management.





Software Engineer Mentor | Part Time Contract | Aug 2022 – Present

  • Provide guidance for students in Software Engineering
  • Assist Students in their Capstone Projects
  • Teach students in web developments
  • Help non-IT background student to cope with the course

Finexus Group

Software Engineer | Full Time | Feb 2023 – Aug 2023

  • Conduct a Research and Development in ERPNext App
  • Develop ERPNext using Python
  • Solve bugs and troubleshoot in the development
  • Create Demo App for startup presentation
  • Develop Payment Gateway API for ERPNext

Freelance (Self-Employed)

Software Engineer | Freelance | Sep 2022 – Dec 2022

  • Provide Front End Design based on client Requirement
  • Collaborate with other developers
  • Built tourism website for Malaysian client
  • Slicing UI Design

Tong Hin Sdn Bhd

Software Engineer | Full Time | Nov 2022 – Dec 2022

  • Conducted a training with C#
  • Implementing ASP.Net into client software
  • Applying Test Driven Development prior to product release

Mayar Indonesia

Front End Developer | Internship | Mar 2022 – June 2022

  • Converting a Design or Mockup into Code
  • Created required function or service
  • Connecting API into the Front-End
  • Fixing Bug


Django, Django REST Framework, Flask, Frontend Development, GraphQL, ReactJS, SQL

Joined: August 2023