Daniel Akanmu

Senior Python Developer

Toronto, Canada


I'm an open-source technology zealot. And I enjoy taking on the challenge of solutions development exploring novel and better ways of doing the same. I'm passionate about what I do and an excellent development team manager.



Favorite Python Packages:

requests, django-fsm, pandas,


Software Engineering Manager , Venture Garden Group, Nigeria Mar 2018 — Nov 2019

▪ Define IT governance policies & implement software development standards & processes along

best practices using SonarQube.

▪ Involve in defining technology objectives for the year, periodic review of key results and overall

performance against set goals.

▪ Provide hands-on technical expertise in adopting microservices design patterns, code authoring &

DevOps practices around all PaaS offerings.

▪ Collaborate with Business managers in exploring & executing potential opportunities towards

achieving revenue, cash & EBITDA targets in line with budgetary goals.

▪ Supervise resource allocation to assure attainment of apt business and personnel development


▪ Provide project management and executive technical leadership for every aspect of software


▪ Guide, coach, and mentor software development engineers/teams.

▪ Perform closely with Engineers, Developers and Product Management throughout the organization

to influence product development-assisting or improving products.

Software Architect , Venture Garden Group, Nigeria Jun 2017 — Feb 2018

▪ Identified business requirements that affect enterprise architecture and provided solutions that

integrate into the overall architectural vision and strategy.

▪ Designed. & developed a microservices based data ingestion, business reporting & monitoring SaaS

solution based on Python 3, Django, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ & Celery.

▪ Coupled and built source-code for core application platform business components in Python &

scripted continuous integration - deployment pipelines in Jenkins & Octopus deploy.

▪ Provided leadership and expertise in the development of standards, architectural governance,

design patterns, and IT practices.

▪ Drove the adoption and implementation of emerging technologies in DevOps - containerization

(docker), CI/CD (Jenkins & Octopus deploy) & Kubernetes.

▪ Made alignment between technology, people and the business more transparent.

▪ Executed the overall software development strategy, architecture, integrations and process


Solutions Architect / Partner , HetiSoft, Nigeria Dec 2014 — Apr 2019

▪ Led solution development in Golang, C++, Python, Erlang technologies, architecture design &

technology selection sessions.

▪ Led research & development of low-latency, scalable financial systems & high-volume transaction

(HVT) platform solutions with Golang, adopting the gRPC framework for interservice


▪ Led the design & development of bespoke enterprise solutions for notable multinationals in the

entertainment, financial & logistics sectors.

▪ Provided direction into innovative solutions by adopting AWS lambda, API gateway web services.

▪ Managed all client engagements.

Unit Head / Lead Software Developer , United Capital Plc., Nigeria Sep 2013 — Jun 2017

▪ Developed an Online Investment portfolio management platform ( www.investnow.ng ); extending

the company’s investment services via digital channels. Company revenue grew by N50 million.

▪ Managed all third-party solution provider engagements & system integrations.

▪ Authored & reviewed source code in Python, JavaScript and Django, versioning control with Git &


▪ Managed the acquisition & deployment of a backbone ERP solution that automated the daily,

end-to-end Capital market operations of the company.

▪ Ensured compliance to Agile methodology with the use of Atlassian-JIRA tool.

▪ Led a support team that serviced all internal stakeholders; ensuring their requirements are fulfilled.

▪ Configured & administered production and development environments running on Unix &


Team Lead Software Developer , Chapel Hill Denham Group, Nigeria Sep 2009 — Sep 2013

▪ Conducted system requirements elicitation, analysis & documentation.

▪ Abstracted UML data models for the Finance, Asset management and Securities trading domains.

▪ Authored backend code & business rules in Java & Groovy

▪ Designed & implemented databases in MySQL, PostgreSQL

▪ Authored user interface code in ActionScript 3, Adobe Flex builder & JavaScript.

▪ Configured Unix* based Application servers for Production & Development modes.

▪ Software release management.

GUI Developer , Incognition Research & Development Ltd., Nigeria Oct 2008 — Sep 2009

▪ Developed web and desktop user interfaces using jQuery, JavaScript, Dojo and Adobe Flex 3


▪ Conducted usability tests and feedback documentation.


Amazon Web Services, Backend Development, Celery, DevOps, Django, Django REST Framework, Docker, Elasticsearch, Git, Jenkins, Linux, MongoDB, MySQL, Nginx, PostgreSQL, REST, RabbitMQ, SQL, uWSGI

Joined: Feb. 13, 2020

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