Levan Begashvili

Senior Full Stack Developer

Tbilisi, Georgia


Analytical and technically-minded executive with over 10 years of innovation and success in software engineering, business applications development, and project management.
Visionary leader with expertise in managing full life cycle of software development processes, including requirement gathering, design, coding, testing, debugging, and maintenance. Proven track record of excellence in overseeing technical projects from start to finish using traditional agile/scrum methodologies, preparing and executing strategic plans and control structures, and ensuring successful completion on-time and within budget. Skilled in the process application and improvement, test and release planning, configuration management, source control, and IT service delivery. Repeated success in creating and implementing architecture concepts for IT systems and leading the development and implementation of flexible solutions that support multiple UI and functional changes.


English, Georgian, Korean


Flyline 2020 to 2022

Senior Full Stack Developer

Delivered strategic leadership to dev team of six developers and encouraged them to achieve set goals. Assessed and reviewed team code and provided effective recommendations for improvement.

  • Led successful integration of NDC standard on backend projects from one of clients using Node.js.

  • Developed and managed project from scratch, including API development using Django and Django Rest Framework as backend framework to deliver rich content, real-time pricing, and flight availability.

  • Conducted load test, created custom authentication module, and implemented rate limiter/AWS network/classic balancers to improve website performance and manage 10K problems.

  • Created customer support website with Vue.js

  • Built proxy manager using FastAPI and multiple EC2 instances as proxies to ensure flight availability from multiple airlines.

  • Designed scrapers using Scrapy, Selenium, and Requests library to confirm compatibility with python libraries performance.

Jirunsoft 2016 to 2020

Full Stack Developer

Collaborated with a team of highly-skilled software engineers to develop sophisticated solutions. Conducted analysis of business logic of company for the development whole system. Managed whole architecture, including cloud, CI/CD, and server health. Aggregated historical and new data from different sources as well as filtered and grouped sales data to prepare dataset. Leveraged machine learning algorithms for sales forecasting and recommendation.

  • Performed comprehensive research on state-of-the-art neural networks to study deep learning based computer vision.

  • Created student attendance system with face recognition by leveraging strong academic knowledge in deep learning and computer vision; trained and made model suitable for recognizing Asian people and implemented FastAPI as backend framework and React Native to establish students and teachers’ apps.

  • Spearheaded and successfully completed vehicle management system project for logistics company while managing backend and frontend development processes; used Django as backend framework and Vue.js as frontend framework.

  • Leveraged G7 devices and tracked vehicle position in real-time and displayed location on Chinese maps; analyzed driving behavior and vehicle metrics, such as speed and fuel usage while sending notification on violation; developed API for one app for drivers and one for administrators.

  • Created personalized recommendation engine using gender, age, color, size, product category, and lifestyle as main attributes as well as Machine Learning (ML) model provided by AWS personalize.

  • Built and executed predictive models, identifying likely outcomes and establishing relationships between various factors.

  • Measured business results and optimized prediction accuracy through the development of monitoring models.

  • Developed Rest API server with Serverless architecture and built a scalable data pipeline with AWS services.

SodaInMind 2013 to 2016

Full Stack Developer

Provided effective support in the management and successful completion of web projects. Maintained strong communication with clients to understand company business logic and requirements and create robust solutions accordingly. Contributed to the development and successful delivery of cutting-edge solutions to eradicate friction points in patient encounter.

  • Craft interactive web pages with JavaScript and jQuery as well as multiple WordPress themes and plugins to support the development of CMS themes and plugins.

  • Led successful transformation of UI designs into web pages with HTML/CSS.

  • Completed and implemented projects on AWS EC2 servers and controlled load balancing with AWS Elastic Load Balancer.

  • Structured CRM for pool construction company using LAMP stack, Laravel as a backend framework, and jQuery Admin dashboard theme (Josh Admin).

  • Added various functionalities in CRM, such as management of lead, task, customer, schedule, accounting, reporting, and administrator data.

  • Formulated one component of backend system, sending patient’s details to EHR/EMR systems; generated Electronic Health Record (EHR) on EHR/EMR system.

  • Built completed website as well as patient and doctor web apps with React.js.

  • Automated Electronic Health Record (EHR) generation on EHR/EMR system by building automation tool utilizing Selenium for Web application, Pywinauto for Desktop application, and C# WinAppDriver.


Amazon Web Services, AngularJS, Apache, Artificial Intelligence, Backend Development, Big Data, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Celery, Cryptocurrency, Data Science, DevOps, Django, Django Channels, Django REST Framework, Docker, Elasticsearch, FastAPI, Flask, Frontend Development, Fullstack Development

Joined: March 2019