Benjamin Van Dyke

I am looking to move into a career path that will expand my skill in python to something mistakable for mastery.

Taylorsville, United States


I am a husband, a father, and an avid tinkerer. I love to learn new things and am constantly challenging myself to learn and grow. I took what I learned from a college programming class and taught myself how to apply it practically using python and powershell. I have found that I really enjoy python scripting and I do it for fun in my free time in addition to looking for ways to apply it in what I do in customer facing IT. I do not get to fulfill that desire as much as I would like in my current position and am looking to step into a career that harnesses that talent and interest in a way that will force good personal growth.

I worked for SolarCity in the past as a Technical Services Engineer, and on slow days I developed a tool for tracking equipment using Python, HTML, CSS, SQL, AD, and API. I taught myself with scripting guidance from a python guru and the IT OPS manager.



Favorite Python Packages:

random, antigravity, flask, ldap3


Flask, Git, Linux, MySQL, Virtualenv

Joined: June 2018