Pavel Pugin

Python Django Developer

Zurich, Switzerland


I am a python developer with main experience around Django framework and mainly backend development with postgres as database.


English, Russian

Favorite Python Packages:

Django, Pandas, Matplotlib, django-debug-toolbar


I have a 1.5 years of experience developing Django web applications alone and in a team of developers. My experience covers all stages of development starting from entity architecture and system design through backend development (with additional database tuning like SQL profiling and creating proper indexes) to simple frontend implementation (mainly Django templates + popular css packs and few additional libraries, but I have no awe to js).

Before that I worked as a business analyst on a development of custom ERP systems. From that employment I have a huge experience working with SQL databases (mainly ms sql, with small inclusions of oracle and postgres) which includes not only data gathering and insertion but design and implementation of databases. Working in a team, I successfully designed 3 corporate systems (from entity structure to UI) and translate this to technical tasks for developers. The main application was based on C# on .net. Python also was used by me for various analytical tasks, mainly textual analysis/parsing with regexp and fancy graphs for reporting.


Backend Development, Django, Git, Pandas, PostgreSQL

Joined: June 26, 2017

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