Katherine Murdoch

Senior/Lead Python/C developer

Nottingham, United Kingdom


I am a software developer with 14 years of professional experience. My strongest areas are information retrieval, API design, and architecture of new software. I have mostly worked in Python and C but have experience with several other languages. I manage my time well, always keep thorough documentation of my software, and have a strong focus on code maintainability.




Python - 14 years professional experience

C - 10 years professional experience

Cython - 10 years professional experience

C++ - 5 years professional experience

Some Objective-C, JavaScript, R.

Linux user and sysadmin.


Backend Development, Celery, Data Science, Django, Docker, Fabric, Flask, Git, Linux, Natural Language Processing, REST, RabbitMQ, Virtualenv, uWSGI

Joined: November 2020