Diego Hurtado

Junior data scientist

Cancun, Mexico


2+ years of experience using predictive modeling, data processing, data visualization and machine learning to solve logistic problems. 5+ years’ experience as operation research scientist in optimization problems dealing with logistics, and/or transportation costs.


English, Spanish

Favorite Python Packages:

NumPy, pandas, SciPy , Matplotlib, Plotly, Seaborn, ggplot, Altair, Geoplotlib


Resume (PDF):

Scientific Research (An overview of Covid-19 in Mexico)

Used Python to scrape, clean, and analyze COVID-19 dataset

Created customized dashboard in python, Tableau and HTML for data visualization

Create and Maintenance Mexico´s COVID-19 data set

Link: https://towardsdatascience.com/covid-19-an-overview-of-mexico-ccf702ec80d9

Summer Scientific Research (Travel-Time Prediction with KNN Regression)

Applied KNN regression for travel-time prediction using real highway traffic data from Google Distance API

Conduct data regression of the relationship between customers, archiving a 99% accurate prediction performance

Developed ETS for data sources used for travel time prediction and routing routes

Student Researcher (Master’s thesis with WCVRPTW):

Applied simulated annealing using Python to route vehicles to collect customers waste within given time window while minimizing travel cost

Compare its results to Google optimization methods using real highway data.

Modernize routing/scheduling process of a waste collection company using routing algorithm using real data

Considerable improvements were achieved, resulting in a 30% total travel distance reduction.


Enterprise Resources Planning Specialist (JDE, POMS)

Perform production data entry and maintenance of Enterprise systems master data using DB2 and SQL

Developed Manufacturing Dashboards using data from machines, sensors, devices, and workers into easy-to-read dashboard

Developed and implemented new ERP systems and upgraded existing ones depending on project needs

Carefully creation and handling of data in accordance of good manufacturing practice, processing and packing of drugs (FDA)

Developed and tested storage strategies and disaster-recovery plan for operational database, delivering solution that guaranteed recovery performance and high availability

AI Research Scientist (Multi-Agent Systems)

Designed and implemented an evacuation route planning for safety route guidance system for a large-scale crowded pedestrian manufacturing facility using genetic algorithm

AI Research Scientist (Multi-Agent Systems)

Designed an intelligent logistics model that helps to influence the optimization of vehicle flow in a Smart City using ant colony algorithm

AI Research Scientist (Multi-Agent Systems)

Route navigation system with the shortest path using Dijkstra algorithm, simulating AI crowds into a passenger vessel in the face of fire and the Effect of Human Behavior


Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Flask, Git, Machine Learning, MySQL, NumPy, Pandas, Visualization

Joined: Aug. 31, 2020