Sanjit Mathew

A Passionate Researcher

Madurai, India


I have tried many fields in python like Machine learning,Data science, Web development, Cloud computing..etc in my first year. I love to work in finding something new, be it a product, solution or just a new line of code better than the old one. I have been doing research as a hobby for the past 7 or more years. Some of them have been published in my google site. My major works include a python package for building light weight chatbots, an android app made with the above package that would answer your questions based on an ebook or a document. You can find the rest at my google site.


English, Malayalam, Tamil

Favorite Python Packages:

sklearn keras django flask pandas Boto3


A Start with Startup

I first joined a startup as data analyst and helped them in all kinds of work. I was mainly concerned with database, server and later was took up testing too. I also did some development in between. I worked there for half a year.

Python Trainer

This job was closer to my passion (research). Getting something into someone's mind was a topic worth researching. When students shake their heads, it is a quick spot opportunity to find a new way of explaining. Many a times I succeeded in those fast brain tasks.

It was here that I was able to extend my base in python and have even used it in my research works.

I worked there for more than a year.


Unofficially I have worked as coordinator for a club (again related to research). The club was on its last few numbers and on the verge of closing down. Through an year's work, the club got good fame and even teamed up with a top level international organisation for its events.


Amazon Web Services, AngularJS, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Django, Django REST Framework, Flask, JavaScript, Keras, Kivy, Linux, Machine Learning, MongoDB, MySQL, Natural Language Processing, NumPy, Pandas, SQL, SQLAlchemy, Selenium, jQuery

Joined: Jan. 12, 2019