Mohamed AbdElhameed

Alexandria, Egypt



Arabic, English


Django Projects :

Millas Colombia Loyalty app
- Earn points by scanning QR codes when you purchase anything from certain
companies and then track your points , send them , or redeem them with Prizes.
- social login in this project was challenging (Facebook, Gmail)
-for more details :

Ecommerce app and website
-online payment using (PAYULATAM payment gateway works in Colombia) , it
was a challenge for me as it has no SDK for python and a lot of implementation
and code handling was here
- authentication system ( login -signup - password reset - password change -
profile update)
-using cart and orders system and tracking orders from charging city to deliver
and then rate it
-for more details :

Sharikni is APP for renting your old stuffs
developing APIs using (Django framework and Django REST framework)
- authentication system ( login -signup - account verification through SMS -
password reset - password change -profile update)
- chat system using firebase( keep a copy of messages in owner server)
- using (FCM) to send notifications (chat messages, actions(request renting, ....),
promotions , news , offers, ...... )
-the app provide lists of ( categories , subcategories, products to rent, offers,
countries, cities, orders ,...)
-showing the detail of ( product, rent order, offer, ad ,... )
- adding new product or a new offer for product, rate product , comment for a
specific product,.....

Activity time
developing APIs using (Django framework and Django rest framework)
-serving videos through CDN (
- treat every phone as a user ( depending on processor id (UDID)) in favorite,
liking, viewing count for every video (owner of this app ordered this feature to
avoid authentication system ( signup , login, .....)
- small posting and commenting system ( post have image, title and text ) with
ability to comment on it or like it
- using (FCM) to send notifications (promotions , news , new video upload, ...... )

Qassim Chalets
developing APIs using (Django framework and Django rest framework )
- authentication system ( login -signup - password reset - password change -
profile update)
- using (FCM) to send notifications ( promotions , news , offers, ...... )
- the app provide lists of ( chalets - cities - neighborhoods - offers - additional
services - services , ads)
- showing the detail of a specific Chalet or Ad
- having filter with specific fields , sorting and search over lists


Backend Development, Django, Django REST Framework, Git, REST, Web Development

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