Waqas Hamid

Software Engineer

Delhi, India


I'm a Software Engineer. Always up for new challenges.
I have experience and expertise in developing applications using Python, C and C++. Have successfully delivered 12 projects in Python so far. Other skills include Web Scraping, Web Crawling and Software Architecture. Have done basic Data Analytics and a huge fan of Machine Learning and Web Analytics. Familiar with REST Python frameworks such as Flask, Falcon and Django. Looking for interesting projects especially in Python.


English, Hindi

Favorite Python Packages:

NLTK, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scipy, Numpy, Django-Rest-Framework, Django, Celery, PIL(Pillow).


Please refer to my LinkedIn profile for all the experience records: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hamidwaqas/


Amazon Web Services, Backend Development, Celery, DevOps, Django, Django Channels, Django REST Framework, Docker, Flask, Git, Heroku, JavaScript

Joined: July 11, 2018