Michael Richo

Python Django JavaScript Software Developer

Hamden, United States


I am a Full Stack Developer specializing in Python, Django, and Javascript. I have experience with complex front-end web development.



Favorite Python Packages:

Django, django-rest-framework


2015 - Current. Lead Python Full Stack Developer Trism2, Demiforce, San Francisco, CA

Developed game back-end in Python/Tornado. Assisted with game front-end in Objective C. Worked directly with the project's founder and technical director. Suggested and implemented changes allowing the game to become scalable using AWS, Python Serverless, Lambda, API Gateway, CloudFormation. Key Achievement: Improving the game's server architecture from prototype to full-featured scalable infrastructure.

2015 - 2019. Fully Remote Lead Software Engineer Realtime Music Solutions, New York, NY

Developed front-end code in jQuery, Vue.js, Bootstrap. Designed and created back-end in Python/Django. Created and maintained development tools in Python and Node. Built and maintained scalable platform using AWS: S3, EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, and RDS. Responsible for assigning tasks, reviewing code, coordinating testing and ensuring requirements were met on time. Key Achievement: Developed fully in-browser music app with REST API backend, JavaScript front-end, customer portal for purchasing content and subscriptions, sharing.

2011 - 2015. Lead Python Developer MediaPen, LLC, New Haven, CT

Developed web applications using Python, Django, MySQL MongoDB, Bootstrap, CSS. Developed prototype web application for search and alerting on municipality documents. Wrote custom data mining scripts to scrape the City of San Diego municipality documents. Set up and maintained Amazon AWS infrastructure; EC2, CloudFront, ELB, S3, SES and SNS. Provided consulting on migration of IT infrastructure to Amazon AWS to clients. Managed clients' private electronic distribution for online purchases of digital content.

2008 - 2011. Lead Programmer, Bioinformatics Specialist Yale School Of Medicine, Cell Biology, New Haven, CT

Developed a high performance computational Bioinformatics app in Python, SQL to guide scientists towards discoveries. Designed custom graph search to find and score all possible connections between two proteins in a cell, outputting the most probable path. Data mined information on 21,000 known human genes (at that time) with regular updates and processing. Studied and implemented code from research papers Implemented and managed fiber optic SAN capable of storing terabytes of data from continuous automated experiments. Key Achievement: Assisting my team to discover valid scientific data with my code.



Amazon Web Services, Apache, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Django, Django REST Framework, Frontend Development, Linux, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ReactJS, SQL, SQLAlchemy, Tornado, Vue.js, jQuery

Joined: July 22, 2020