Daniel Petrovich

Senior Python/Django/Wagtail Full Stack Developer

Kyiv, Ukraine


I am an ambitious web developer with rich experience. Especially I am specialized in Python/Django/Wagtail.

Creative, sophisticated, dedicated engineer with imaginative and efficient solutions for large-scale websites.
Developer of high-quality software tools for rapid deployment of bug fixes and new features using established development standards. As an expert problem solver, responsive to client needs and detail oriented, I have a proven track record of consistently providing high levels of customer satisfaction.

Always looking for new solutions and new challenges, new experience.


English, Korean, Ukrainian

Favorite Python Packages:

Django, oauthlib, psycopg2, requests, numpy, jsonschema, django-debug-toolbar, Wagtail, Flask, coreapi, Jinja2, Pillow, stripe


I have a 7 years of experience in website development and deployment.

In my IT life, I've built lots of websites and backends by using Python/Django/Flask/Wagtail.
So I am very specialized in Python/Django and very familiar with AWS, Nginx/Gunicorn, Docker.
As a full-time remote developer, I can dedicate 8+ hours per day.
And I can overlap my timezone to the client's demand.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
All the best!


Amazon Web Services, AngularJS, Backend Development, Django, Django REST Framework, Docker, Elasticsearch, Flask, Gunicorn, MySQL, Nginx, PostgreSQL, ReactJS, Vue.js, jQuery, wxPython

Joined: March 11, 2020