Chaman Dhingra

Full stack developer .

Dehradun, India


I am a full stack python,node.js expert focusing on backend. having 7+years of experience . I use PyCharm and virtual environments for development.I've worked on a wide variety or projects.

My Expertise Include:
Frameworks: Django, Tornado, PySide, Flask & Scrapy, Node.js
API: Google maps, Yandex maps, Mailchimp, AWS, Stripe, PayPal, VK, Odnoklassniki, Facebook
Front end: JQuery, Bootstrap, Backbone.js, Angular.js
Sql: PostgreSQL, Mysql, Sqlite
Nosql: Redis, Mongodb
Debugging Tool : Sublime Text 2/3

I'm deeply involved in all my projects, from start to finish. I don't only do what I'm told to do, but I always run any requirements through my critical mindset and provide best available solutions. I usually try to provide more than one option and showing pros and cons for each of available options.
To me, anything less than full and complete customer satisfaction is unacceptable. I know, happy clients are long-term clients. And this is what I strive for.


English, Hindi

Favorite Python Packages:

>>Python supports object-oriented programming with classes and multiple inheritance.andCode can be grouped into modules and packages. >>The language supports raising and catching exceptions, resulting in cleaner error handling.


As a Full-Stack Developer with 7+ years of experience, I specialize in front-end development, as well as in overall software architecture and design. I can deliver the project starting at specs clarification phase, and finish it with production release, support, and further maintenance.

I create custom web applications for different industries and clients, but my passion and focus is within the next 3 niches:

* Social Media marketing, monitoring, and analytics tools for Digital Agencies and Startups.

* Online Marketplaces for Leisure, Art, and Music industries.

* CRMs for Healthcare industry.

Also, I prefer working with small and mid-sized businesses, having direct access to decision makers. This helps me provide architectural and custom business solutions that help my clients fix critical problems, improve their revenue stream and, finally, grow their business.

My skills include:

Backend skills:

* Python language;

* Django/Flask web frameworks;

* Zope/Plone CMS.

Frontend skills:

* MVC Frameworks: Angular.js, Backbone.js, React.js;

* Javascript (including ecmascript 5), jquery, ajax;

* HTML5 (audio, video, canvas, geolocation, localstorage), css3, SASS, LESS;

* Adaptive layouts/frameworks: Twitter Bootstrap.


* Relational: MySQL, PostgreSQL;

* NoSQL: MongoDB, Redis, Memcache, ZODB.

DevOps skills:

* Amazon Dev and Admin tools;

* DigitalOcean droplets;

* Fabric scripts;

* Bash/Shell scripting.


AngularJS, Artificial Intelligence, Backend Development, Django, Django REST Framework, Frontend Development, JavaScript, Web Development, Web Scraping, jQuery, wxPython

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