Sérgio Mafra

Middle Python Developer

Brasília, Brazil


I started programming in Python by 2015 and got passionate about it. First coding some scripts to automate work tasks, now for almost everything. I'm very eclectic about IT fields, so I almost ever love I'm doing. I like Front End, Back End, Automation, Web scraping, DevOps, and so on. Also, I love electronics and I'm currently automating my house with a SBC and some gadgets.


English, Portuguese

Favorite Python Packages:

Arroz, scrapy, flask_*, newspaper, numpy


I worked with several different areas using Python as main tool.

2015/2016 I worked for a governament sector that is responsible for managing scholarships and applied python to automate daily tasks.

2017/2018 I worked for a cloud based company that automates infrastructure and environment deploy for dummies. Our clients were basically website developers which doesn't have the knowledge or the time to learn how to deploy an application in production, so we developed a interface controlled by a robot to automate environment deployment to our clients

2019 this year I had a lot of different experiences in 3 different jobs. Worked for a company that the goal was to facilite payment of commom people debts with the governament. It was a Django environment with React and Redux on the front.

Next, I worked for Fabrica de Ideias (Ideas Factory) where I built a bot to scrap communications vehicles for brand new news and parse it to our clients.

And now, I'm working for Banco do Brasil (Bank of Brazil) as DevOps. Basically using Java, Scala, Python, Ansible, Rundeck, Spark, Kafka, and lots of other tecnologies.

My goal is to become a Python developer again.


Ansible, Backend Development, DevOps, Django, Docker, Flask, Frontend Development, Git, JavaScript, Kafka, Linux, MySQL, Nginx, NumPy, PostgreSQL, SQL, SQLAlchemy, Scrapy, Spark, Vagrant, Virtualenv, Vue.js, uWSGI

Joined: Sept. 5, 2019

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