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Blagoweschensk, Russian Federation


I like to work on the server-side with data and computing a useful things. I am a python developer with knowledges in asyncio, django, sockets. I can do all work from idea to release. My goal is to be perfect in server-side developing, data transporting, data processing etc. It is would be perfect if you will give me a test task.

I work for result
I self learnt for everything i can do
I’m honest and responsible
I apply the initiative when it is appropriate
I automate every routine task which i can


English, Russian


May 17 to now

Python/Erlang Developer


Develop the interaction protocol. Now i work for an implementation of a transport layer of this protocol.

September 17 to now

Engineer Programmer

Cadastral Office

Develop some small things for automate our routine. Also i support some servers and monitoring resources .

May 16 to June 17

Web Developer

Supported servers and some web systems.

Developed a web sites.

Aug 13 to May 16

Engineer Programmer


Developed a system for technical accounting.

And automated some routine processes.

Oct 09 to Aug 13

Various positions in non-programmer sphere.


Backend Development, Django, Git, Linux, PostgreSQL

Joined: Nov. 29, 2017

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