David Gomez Garcia

Computer Science Engineer

Santiago de Chile, Chile


Computer Science Engineer highly trained for software development, systems administration and management of computer projects. I consider myself a critical person with myself, always wanting to work, learn and keep evolving; Proactive, curious and self-motivated profile as well as always being in continuous and self-taught training.


English, Spanish

Favorite Python Packages:



Be part of a work team and consolidate myself professionally in an environment where personal achievements and performance are recognized, in addition to allowing opportunities for personal and professional development. Obtain a job where I can contribute with my practical experience and ability, in the Achievement of the general goals of the institution and the responsibilities under my charge. Establish and consolidate myself in an institution that allows me to apply my experiences and knowledge in the areas that comprise it. Find an institution that allows me to apply the knowledge acquired in the years of I study, mainly those related to the area of software development and other related ones. Exceed me in all aspects of my life, providing the best of me every day, both professionally and personally. Maintain active research in the field of Computer Science with the purpose of paying tribute to its development, applying the results obtained directly in the process of computerization of society.


Amazon Web Services, AngularJS, Backend Development, Django, Django REST Framework, Git, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, SQL, Scrapy, Virtualenv, Web Scraping

Joined: Aug. 11, 2019

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