Badal Satyarthi

Machine Learning Engineer | NLP Ninja | Problem Solver

Pune, India


Machine Learning Engineer with over 3+ years of programming experience.

My experiences range from cutting-edge research in core NLP tasks (i.e., text extraction, text classification, sentiment analysis, chatbot development, and semantic understanding) to machine learning for predictive modeling (i.e., applying deep learning models, sequence labeling etc).

✓ Fluent in Python.
✓ Text Analytics using various NLP toolkits(NLTK, Spacy, CoreNLP)
✓ Data cleaning and wrangling
✓ Cluster Analysis.
✓ Building ML pipelines using Sklearn, Tensorflow, and Keras.
✓ Chatbot.
✓ Q&A System.
✓ Sentiment Analysis.
✓ Building RESTful APIs using DRF and Flask.
✓ Integrating RESTful APIs.
✓ Web Scraping using BeautifulSoup, Scrapy, and Selenium.
✓ Building Regular Expression and Text Extraction.
✓ Serverless Function/Azure/AWS/Lambda Function



Favorite Python Packages:

Keras, Pandas, Sklearn, Tensorflow, Django, Flask


Amazon Web Services, Django, Flask, Google Cloud Platform, Keras, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Pandas, SQL, TensorFlow, wxPython

Joined: April 2019