Levent Engin

Python Django Programmer

Istanbul, Turkey


I am an experienced software professional involved in many projects in various sector. Being a software developer I have also worked as project manager, product manager even sales manager for some periods. However for two years I have returned to software development. I have always been an advocate of open source software groups and I have used Unix like systems personally for years. I was a member of Unix Users Community as well. I have selected Django Python as software development tools for my self and started to develop software on those environments. Started to work on NativeScript for mobile development. I am very eager to do more on those areas.


English, Turkish

Favorite Python Packages:

Django, RESTFramework , NativeScript(beginner)


In our project we have developed software for a company working in the field

of control, audit and training in hospitality, health and catering

sectors. Project is in the field of audit

management and remote control checks for Facility Management sector.

Software is developed in web, cloud environment as open code. Designed

in SaaS architecture, using Ubuntu 16.04. Linode is selected as hosting


I have selected and used Django - Python environment

for the project. PostgreSQL is used as backend DB system. System

includes devices that are installed in project sites to collect various

data, about customer contentment, operation dates and times, equipment

breakdown notification, daily audits and checks, etc. Devices were

developed by our team and software for devices was developed in PyQT by

another team of developers. Web Service - REST API (JSON) is used for

connection between central software and devices . I have also heavily

used HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery in software development.

A special mobile application will be developed as a last step of the

project. Platform is selected as NativeScript - AngularJS.


Apache, Backend Development, Django, Django REST Framework, Git, JavaScript, Linux, PostgreSQL, Web Development, jQuery

Joined: November 2018