Cristian Marletta

Software engineer, in love with Python


I helped KORG deliver fantastic musical instruments for more than 10 years. KORG instruments today have several features that I designed and developed, from search functions to unicode support, not to mention the renewed UI. Some of the KORG music keyboards I helped deliver are: Korg SV-1, Korg MP10Pro, and from the Professional Arranger serie: Pa300, Pa500, Pa600, Pa600Qt, Pa800, Pa3x, Pa3xLE, Pa4x, Havian 30. All of those products are also tested with my thesis software developed in Python, Java and C# for KORG's QA.
Languages I have most confidence with are: C, C++ (and C++1x), Python, C#, Java.
I have also some limited but relevant working experience with DSP techniques, Matlab, HTML5, CSS3, ReactJS, meaning that I don't consider myself an expert, but usually I can find my way through.

Last year I found also interest in machine learning and blockchain technologies. I would definitely consider a job in those fields.

In my free time I am an improv and cinema actor.


English, Italian

Joined: January 2018