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Software developer with 10+ years of experience in backend, frontend, and desktop development. Highly skilled in specifications gathering, troubleshooting, data modeling and data processing, building API. Software developer with experience in e-commerce, enterprise, high-performance web technologies and automation of business and logistics processes. Integration an open source technology and software to companies business process.


English, Russian, Ukrainian

Favorite Python Packages:

zope, requests, babel, colander, pairtree, transaction, whoosh, cornice


My programming experience, using Python (3+ years), include working with international forwarding company.

Technologies: Python, wxPython, Pyramid, Pyramid, SQLAlchemy, transaction, Cornice, whoosh, zope, requests, babel, colander, pairtree, deform, Jinja2, Chameleon, FireBird, MySQL, bootstrap, jQuery.

  • Build cross platform Desktop application using wxPython to manage the company orders and workers. The application works on Windows and Linux.
  • Created business logic and data modeling.
  • Created document management and utility to index old documents and web interface to search/export documents.
  • ReSearch system.


  • Pyramid
  • Cornice
  • Whoosh
  • Zope
  • Requests
  • Babel
  • Colander
  • PairTree
  • Deform


  • Jinja2
  • Chameleon


  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • FireBird
  • ZODB


Fullstack Development, Git, JavaScript, Linux, Memcached, MySQL, Pyramid, SQL, SQLAlchemy, Virtualenv, Web Development, jQuery, wxPython

Joined: April 8, 2019

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