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Software developer with 10+ years of experience to building various types of applications in backend, frontend,
and desktop development. Highly skilled in specifications gathering, troubleshooting, data modeling, data
processing and building API. With experience in e-commerce, enterprise, high-performance web technologies
and automation of business and logistics processes. Results-oriented using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP,
Python, Pyramid, wxPython, SQLAlchemy and SQL.


English, Russian, Ukrainian

Favorite Python Packages:

zope, requests, babel, colander, pairtree, transaction, whoosh, cornice


• Designed and created IT infrastructure of a company.

• Designed and created the database schema according to the business objectives.
• Developed internal cross platform desktop application to manage the company business process.
• Implemented documents, templates and report systems based on the LibreOffice.
• Developed Research system and data migrations from an existing application.
• Created web application to external management and customer interaction.
• Developed and created web application to management staff,
clients and an advertising content.
• Created video player to show advertising by schedule on the different monitors and
application to sync contents.

Technologies: Python, wxPython, Pyramid, Pyramid, SQLAlchemy, transaction, Cornice, whoosh, zope, requests, babel, colander, pairtree, deform, Jinja2, Chameleon, FireBird, MySQL.


Fullstack Development, Git, JavaScript, Linux, Memcached, MySQL, Pyramid, SQL, SQLAlchemy, Virtualenv, Web Development, jQuery, wxPython

Joined: April 8, 2019

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