Michael Lane

Graduate student with a passion for AI and Machine Learning

Camas, United States


I'm a Software Engineer with an MS in CS with a focus on AI and Machine Learning. I'm passionate about engineering beautiful and efficient solutions to big problems. I live for the opportunity to learn more and to perfect my craft. There are few joys greater than being an integral part of a successful team.



Favorite Python Packages:

Keras, tensorflow, sklearn, numpy, pandas, opencv, matplotlib


Nextas America, Inc., Washougal, WA, Software Development Engineer, 01/2018 – Present

  • Using Python, Keras, GPU-accelerated Tensorflow, and C++ to R&D novel deep learning approaches that replace legacy computer vision tasks with algorithms that are faster, more robust, and far more accurate
  • Built a novel deep neural network using Python and Keras to generate a depth map from a pair of stereo images

PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY, Portland, OR, Teaching Assistant, 09/2016 – Present

  • CS533 – Introduction to Operating Systems, fall 2016; CS545 – Machine Learning, winter 2017
  • Instructed students in a term-long project of creating a user-level threading library using C and x86 assembly
  • Instructed students on Machine Learning topics such as Neural Networks, Bayesian Networks, Reinforcement Learning, Support Vector Machines, Ensemble Learning, Unsupervised Learning, and classifier evaluation

CDK GLOBAL, LLC, Portland, OR, Software Engineer Intern, 06/2016 – 08/2016

  • Used Agile methodologies, Test Driven Deployment, and Github Flow branch tracking model extensively
  • Designed and developed REST service in Python, Flask, and Cassandra to replace aging Polycom boot server
  • Next generation voice boot server (NGVboot) laid the groundwork for serving multiple configuration files an flawlessly supports 40,000 phones making hundreds of thousands of simultaneous connections
  • NGVboot server integrated with legacy service using an F5 load balancer and HTTP digest auth system
  • Participated in CDK Global hackathon: utilized machine learning know-how to develop system which predicted geolocation to 5.5-meter accuracy using noisy RSSI data from Bluetooth Beacons and Raspberry Pi receivers

ACQUIA, INC, Portland, OR, Support Engineer Intern, 06/2015 – 06/2016

  • Fixed bugs and improved functionality of a Remote Administration script utilizing PHP, Bash, and Drupal Shell
  • Modified existing Remote Administration script to eliminate the need for manual Zendesk ticketing and othe manual interventions resulting in drastically improved efficiency of the RA team
  • Reduced weekly mass update task from 3 hours to 5 minutes; reduced time required for manual tasks by 80%

PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY, Portland, OR, Technical Course Support Specialist, 12/2014 – 06/2016

  • Oversaw lab assistants with minimal oversight demonstrating leadership abilities resulting in an effective learning environment for 20 to 30 students per lab section
  • Instructed topics including recursion, data structures such as linked lists, adjacency lists, flexible arrays, binary search trees, graphs, hash tables, stacks, and queues, leveraging technical experience in C++ and Java

APPLE, INC., Portland, OR, Specialist, 08/2014 – 12/2014

  • Contributed to increased customer satisfaction along with store and feedback ratings by implementing and supporting strategic planning initiatives that improved the customer experience
  • Recognized by management for professionalism and composure in high pressure work environment

SMUGMUG, INC., Telecommute, UX Designer and Developer/ Customer Support Specialist, 04/2007 – 04/2009

  • Customize SmugMug sites for important customers such as Nintendo and photographer Marc Muench and designed coupons and ads for SmugMug and for a partnership with Philips using HTML and CSS
  • Programmed help pages using PHP, HTML and CSS to document and explain site updates for end users

UNITED STATES AIR FORCE, KC-135 Evaluator Navigator / Air Mobility Liaison Officer, Ft. Lewis, WA 11/2000 – 06/2006

  • One of 6 Navigators in the world qualified to instruct and evaluate every KC-135 mission
  • Expertly coordinated major airlift operations between the US Army and US Air Force, led replacement operations and strategic planning initiatives as well as training of leaders and key players


Artificial Intelligence, Docker, Flask, Machine Learning, NumPy, Pandas, SciPy, TensorFlow

Joined: March 9, 2017