Kingsley Ndiewo

Senior Software Engineer

Nairobi, Kenya


I am an experienced software developer with experience in Python and Javascript. I have worked with Flask, ReactNative and Werkzeug for about a decade. I have also been a trainer for Python and blockchain technology for about 4 years.

I have a background in electronics engineering and have experience with robotics and embedded systems. I am familiar with the Raspberry Pi and Arduino platforms.


English, Russian, Swahili

Favorite Python Packages:

Flask, Tensorflow, SQLAlchemy, Psycopg2, Panda3D, Matplotlib


Kingsley is a solutions creator with vast experience in the software, robotics and renewable energy space. He is currently the founder and CEO at Funtrench Limited, and co-founder of Intellect Alliance Limited. He has worked on a number of innovative ideas, starting with the Eden3D platform which he developed in 2009 as the first African-developed 3D game development kit. Eden3D is fully built in Python and uses the Panda3D game engine as its starting point.

He worked at Kuza Automotive as drivetrain engineer, helping the company get to the 2017 finals of the Royal Academy of Engineering Africa Prize, where an electric tuk-tuk concept he conceived was pitched at the Duke of York's Pitch@Place 2018 event and also made the finals of the 2018 Echoing Green Climate Fellowship. He has been part of the Kenyan technology ecosystem for a decade, holding the first robotics bootcamps at iHub Nairobi in 2011 and founding the first blockchain technology campus in East Africa in 2018.

Kingsley holds a degree in electronics and computer engineering and is also certified in various blockchain disciplines by the Blockchain Training Alliance. His research focus at present is on machine learning applications in ERP systems, having done extensive work on the Odoo ERP platform in the past 7 years.

His key competencies are in Python and Javascript, with a strong aptitude in PHP too. He has worked with FlaskFlask to build end-to-end web applications and APIs, ReactNative and Kivy for mobile applications and Multichain for distributed ledger systems. For over a decade he has developed and deployed solutions based on the Odoo platform for various clients across East Africa.

built websites, APIs and small to medium business systems.
I have worked wiand custom ERP modules for the Odoo platform and have vast experience with the Odoo platform in general.


Blockchain, Flask, Git, Kivy, Linux, Nginx, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, Virtualenv, Web Development, jQuery

Joined: September 2019