Gareth Bult

Senior Python Developer / DevOPS Engineer

Cardiff, United Kingdom


Looking for a Python Developer role or Full-stack developer role. Currently my main areas of interest are real-time web applications, websockets, WAMP, and message routing. Also interested in IoT and WoT projects.



Favorite Python Packages:

pymongo, pymamba, lmdb, ujson, pycurl, sanic, twisted, connexion


Generic Experience

  • Programming for 35+ years
  • Honours degree in Computer Systems
  • Proficient in Python, Javascript, C, C++, HTML3, CSS3
  • Working with Linux for 25+ years
  • Working with the Internet for 25+ years
  • Also worked in Assembler, BASIC, Cobol, Dibol, Fortran, Modula-2, Lisp, Pascal, PHP, Bash, Clipper

Applications Development Experience

  • Internet servers and services (RADIUS, BGP, SMTP, IMAP)
  • Generic accounting systems (ACSPAN) and Payroll
  • Legal accounting systems
  • Financial trading (stock exchange) systems
  • Government digital transformation projects
  • Online recruitment systems
  • Contact management and integration
  • Online advertising systems
  • Real-time IoT and control systems
  • Real-time statistics and data analysis
  • Web portal systems, ZOPE, Plone
  • NHS Casualty analytics
  • Web design and data systems integration
  • Many Open Source projects


Ansible, Apache, Backend Development, DevOps, Flask, Frontend Development, Fullstack Development, Git, JavaScript, Jenkins, Linux, MongoDB, MySQL, Nginx, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, Security, Selenium, Twisted, Vagrant, Virtualenv, Visualization, Web Development, jQuery, uWSGI

Joined: Sept. 20, 2017

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