Eden Constantino

Full Stack Python Developer

Luanda, Angola


Computer Engineer experienced in delivering high quality software meeting deadlines, interested in Machine Learning, Software Development, Robotic Process Automation and Data Science projects. When it comes to development I am comfortable on both front-end and backend.
My main goal is to develop smart and scalable solutions that improve the quality of life of humans around the globe


English, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish



SOFTWARE DEVELOPER - Feb 2018 to Present

Since I joined the KPMG team, I have been continuously challenged to projects that aim to enhance the banking situation of the country.

Besides of automating, maintaining, implementing or developing new software solutions using RPA(Automation Anywhere) and IBM BPM technologies, my job is to advise several clients (Mostly Banks) on how best to use information technology in achieving their business objectives.

On May 2018 I engaged on a client "Banco BIC Angola (BIC)", which happens to be one of the top five banks in the country, based on compound growth rates, deposits, and loans. This project consisted of an implementation of *FOREX

*A solution to enhancement the process of money transfer in Angola (National Transfers and International Transfer)

Experience with Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, Bootstrap, SQL Server, IBM BPM

I'm currently engaged on a new client “ BAI bank ”, which happens to be the first private bank in the country, Angolan best bank and recently also distinguished as "Best Digital Commercial Bank" in the country. With the aim to enhance the business operation of this bank, we adopt an Agile methodology and my main responsibilities are:

Operational Support - ensure that all BPM systems are up and running, that all processes are being created seamlessly, understand all the identified errors and correct them.

Preventive Maintenance - develop programs or procedures to minimize the impacts on the business operation.

Evolutionary Maintenance - Implement changes in the applications according to the needs of the customer.

Experience with Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, Bootstrap, SQL Server, IBM BPM, DB2

With help of 2 friends, founded my own company and Developed a number of web solutions to enhance our customers business performance.

  • -Developed a webApp called calliknt to enhance Knitting marketing of a client in South Korea. The webApp allows end users to sign up for Knitting classes as well as purchase knitted objects. It allows backend users to create workshops, view workshops applicants, confirm their payments and more.
*Experience with :

a)First contract: PHP, Laravel, MySql, Javascript

b)Second Contract: Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Vue.js

  • -Developed a web application with a database that contains information of all the companies that operate in the Angolan market in which we will have as a priority to show the annual business balance of each company.
a) First contract : PHP, MySql, AJAX
b)Second contract: Python, Django, PostgreSQL, JavaScript

- Redesigned and improving the performance and user experience of the international lounge's website of a university in South Korea.
* Experience with : PHP, JavaScript,MySql, HTML5, AJAX


Artificial Intelligence, Django, Django REST Framework, Fullstack Development, Git, Machine Learning, Selenium, Web Development, Web Scraping, jQuery

Joined: Aug. 7, 2019

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