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Installing landscape lighting kits is one of the easiest methods to have your landscaping to another level. There are a lot of alternatives out there so you’re sure to locate a thing that suits your look but choosing the right one can be tricky.

You will find a lot to consider when looking for the best LED landscape lighting kits.

Do you like solar-powered or something wired? How many lights do you need to create the appearance you want? How about installation?

We answer each one of these questions and more that will help you find the right landscape light for you.

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The 10 Best LED Landscape Lighting Kits

Best LED Scenery Lighting Kits Reviews

1. VOLT Brass Spotlight System with Transformer

2. LITOM 12 LED Solar Scenery Spotlights

3. Nekteck Solar Lights Outdoor LED Scenery Lighting

4. DBF LED Waterproof Solar Scenery Lighting

5. GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor

6. Solar Lights Glowing Pathway Outdoor Garden Landscape Lighting

7. Enchanted Places Solar Path Light

8. LEONLITE LED Scenery Light with Aluminum Lamp Housing

9. NAIYO Solar Ground Lights

10. Pandawill Color Changing Solar Powered Glass Ball Led Garden Lights

Types of Landscape Lighting

Just how many Lumens for Scenery Lighting?

How exactly to Install LED Scenery Lighting?

Solar Powered Stake Lights

Wired Lights


The 10 Best LED Landscape Lamps Kits

There are a lot of LED landscape lights available but deciding on the best one isn’t constantly easy. With various styles and designs, it can help to take a good look at the hand and hand. Here are several of the greatest landscaping lighting products available.

Pictures Landscape Lighting Lumens Links

VOLT Brass Spotlight System with Transformer VOLT Brass Spotlight Kit with Transformer 400 Lumens

LITOM 12 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights LITOM 12 LED Solar Scenery Spotlights 600 Lumens

Nekteck Solar Lighting Outdoor LED Scenery Lamps Nekteck Solar Lighting Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting 200 Lumens

DBF LED Waterproof Solar Landscape Lighting DBF LED Waterproof Solar Scenery Light 600 Lumens

GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lighting Outdoor GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lamps Outdoor 10 Lumens

Solar Lights Shiny Pathway Outdoor Yard Landscape Light Solar Lights Shiny Pathway Outdoor Backyard Landscape Lighting 6 Lumens

Enchanted Areas Solar Path Light Enchanted Spaces Solar Path Mild 6 Lumens

LEONLITE LED Scenery Light with Light weight aluminum Lamp Casing LEONLITE LED Scenery Light with Light weight aluminum Lamp Housing 150 Lumens

NAIYO Solar Surface Lamps NAIYO Solar Floor Lights 200 Lumens

Pandawill Color Changing Solar Powered Cup Ball Led Yard Lighting Pandawill Color Changing Solar Powered Cup Ball Led Backyard Lighting xx Lumens

Best LED Scenery Lighting Kits Reviews

1. VOLT Brass Spotlight System with Transformer

This complete landscaping kit from VOLT is perfect for highlighting trees and other architectural features in your garden. It comes with six solid brass spotlights, six hammer stakes for assembly, a 150-watt transformer, and bulbs.

It also comes with a Pro Junction hub, a good conduit, and 100 feet of cable. Everything needed for installation is roofed. The lighting emit warm, light light that gives a welcoming contact to your landscaping. In addition, it brings out the real color of everything it illuminates.

The brass spotlights, screws, and knobs will never corrode or perhaps rust. Unit installation is easy, also. The slimline transformer and clamp-style with connectors are very much easier to use than traditional designs.

This kit is included in a lifetime warrantee on the brass fixtures, bulbs, and transformers. The convex lenses reduce puddling which inhibits water buildup and leaks. A silicone plug helps prevent groundwater and bugs from entering the fittings, too.

2. LITOM 12 LED Solar Scenery Spotlights

These landscaping lights from LITOM feature 12 glowing LEDs and an adjustable angle. They’re made of high-impact plastic material and also have an IP67 waterproof style that stands up to all types of bad weather.

A powerful solar-powered lithium electric battery powers these lights and lasts for a long time. On great light mode, you will get about six hours from a full charge; manage low light function, about 12 hours. On top of that, the lights quickly discover changes in light and adapt accordingly.

A good cool thing about these lighting is you involve some versatility when installing them. Simply utilize the included stakes to stay them in the bottom or mount them to the wall structure using the included screws.

These lights have a 45-time full refund in addition to a 24-month warranty. The business offers 24-hour customer support assuming you have any problems. Remember these lights have to fee in sunlight for at least six to eight hours for ideal results.

3. Nekteck Solar Lighting Outdoor LED Scenery Lighting

Another great set of solar landscaping lighting is that one from Nekteck. The 200 lumens LED lights proficiently use solar power to create bright output at night. They’re great for lighting up pathways, trees, driveways, or landscaping around the lawn.

You can set these lights so they’re definitely on or use the automatic setting to keep these things start automatically when sunlight goes down. Choose from excessive and low light settings to balance electric battery lifestyle with the quantity of illumination you will need for your space.

Each mild in this four-pack could be modified up to 180 degrees so you can aim it where you will need it. Solar panels can be altered up to 90 degrees to make sure maximum sun publicity constantly.

For assembly, you should use the stakes to simply press the lamps into the surface or utilize the included screws to mouth the light to the wall, depending on your preferences. This kit comes with a 90-day time money-back guarantee, two-year guarantee, and lifetime tech support team.

4. DBF LED Waterproof Solar Landscape Lighting

Next up is this two-light kit from DBF. Among the things that establish this kit apart from what we’ve seen so far may be the colorful lighting. There are seven different colorings total and nine different lighting adjustments to help you put a large amount of visual curiosity to your landscaping.

These lights are solar-driven and have an integrated mild sensor so they start automatically at night and away when sunlight comes up each morning. After a fee time of about 6 to 8 hours, the electric battery is total and can last up to eight time overnight.

With two-way install, you can opt for the perfect way to use these lights for your space. Use the included screws to mount them to the wall or simply utilize the stakes to anchor them in to the floor. The light is definitely adjustable to 120 degrees and the solar power between 150 and 360 degrees.

This set has a 30-day refund in addition to a 12-month warrantee if there are any quality issues.

5. GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor

This six-piece set from GIGALUMI is one of the more stylish options we found. The bronze metallic finish looks tasteful and adds some school to your lawn or lawn. These lights as well feature ripple cup lenses for a clean light and fun structure on the floor below.

These lights are really simple to install, only utilize the stake and push them in to the ground along a lawn path, within a flower bed, or about the pool. The top-mounted solar power should be put in direct sunlight for best effects.

When the batteries are completely billed, these lights can manage for a lot more than ten hours. They’re weatherproof, too, made to withstand rain, harsh natural light, and light snow.

6. Solar Lights Bright Pathway Outdoor Lawn Landscape Lighting

With the eight packs of solar lights from Beau Jardin, you can setup a stunning design for your outdoor landscaping. These lighting are made of stainless steel and show watertight precious stone glass shades for extra resilience.

Assembly is super straight forward; all you need to accomplish is stick the stakes into the surface. No additional equipment are expected. They start automatically when sunlight goes down and switch off each morning at dawn.

Because they're solar-powered, the top-mounted solar power should be positioned in sunlight to totally charge the electric battery. These lamps can previous for 12 hours with a full charge. They feature a 30-day time full refund in order to go back them if you’re not satisfied for just about any reason.

7. Enchanted Places Solar Path Light

Next up is this beautiful design from Enchanted Places which will add a lot of whimsy to your space. This place includes six lighting, each with a nice rubbed bronze surface finish. The true glass lens isn't only durable but as well produces an eye-getting star influence on the ground.

These solar-powered lamps don’t require any wires. The top-mounted solar power charges the electric battery and the lighting turn on automatically during the night. Installation is simple; just utilize the real steel stake to set up each light in to the floor in an ideal location.

These stakes are exceptionally long-lasting and made to last for a long time. Having said that, if anything should go wrong, they’re protected with a hassle-free of charge one-year warrantee for replacement parts in addition to a 100% satisfaction promise.

8. LEONLITE LED Landscape Light with Lightweight aluminum Lamp Housing

This landscape lighting kit from LEONLITE includes 12 lights so it covers a whole lot of ground. Each is made with durable lightweight aluminum housing that’s corrosion-resistant and waterproof. That’s not all, the material also helps dissipates warmth which helps the lighting last as long as possible.

If you’re searching for a dazzling light that performs very well even in heavy rainfall, this is a fantastic choice. The shade design reduces mild interference and, combined with frosted cup, creates a good, warm glow.

Each light includes a 50,000-hour lifespan and is included in a five-year warranty, one of the best that people found. Since these lamps aren't solar driven, you don’t need to worry about them dimming or certainly not lasting through the night.

The total amount of the energy cord is about five feet making installation easy. For safety, the manufacturer recommends wattage of 60 to 66W.

9. NAIYO Solar Ground Lights

If you’re looking for something a little numerous, have a look at this set of lamps from NAIYO. Instead of sticking up from the ground, these lamps are designed to lay practically flush with the bottom. This set comes with eight parts and can cover a whole lot of ground.

Each light includes a solar charging panel. It takes about eight to 10 time for the electric battery to fully charge in direct sunlight. These lighting start automatically when sunlight moves down and may last from eight to 12 hours.

Because these lighting lay practically flush to the ground, they create an completely different look compared to the other lighting we considered. The stainless development won’t corrode or rust. Plus they’re waterproof therefore they’re secure to make use of in rainfall, snow, sleet, or frost and included in a one-year warranty.

10. Pandawill Color Changing Solar Driven Cup Ball Led Garden Lights

This color-changing glass ball LED light is the most unique product on our list. It certainly offers something extra distinctive to your yard. The cup ball is covered with a bright colored mosaic that basically catches the eye.

There are two lighting modes. The foremost is a single-setting with soft, bright white light that basically makes the mosaic design and style pop. For even more color, utilize the color-changing function to shift from reddish colored to green to blue.

The solar electric battery powers the light for eight hours when fully charged. It turns itself on at night and off when sunlight rises to save as much electric battery life as practical. This fabulous light is waterproof and secure to use outdoors but can certainly be utilized indoors.

Types of Landscape Lighting

Here are a few various kinds of lighting to consider when choosing the proper kind for your yard or backyard. Here are the key things you will need to think about when selecting which is the right kind for you.

Among the primary decisions you’ll need to make it all whether you like lights that are actually solar-powered or wired for electricity. There are advantages and disadvantages to each.

The great thing about solar-powered lights is that they’re so convenient. You don’t have to worry about wiring or anything, all you need to do is certainly decide where you prefer each light positioned and insert it in to the ground.

Some solar-powered lighting even come with mounting screws and brackets that permit you to mount the light to the wall. Thus giving you a lot more versatility when piecing together your design.

It really is tricky to totally charge solar lamps, particularly if you are in a location where it really is frequently cloudy or perhaps rainy. These lighting require sunlight for very best overall performance and that may be difficult to find.

Not all solar panels are manufactured equal. Many of them happen to be adjustable and may be angled to ensure that they catch as many sun as practical. Others are installed at the top of the lamp. This restrictions your options a lttle bit because you can’t change the angle to take benefit of the sunlight.

Wired lighting are more reliable. While solar lights usually last between six and ten hours, wired lighting don’t dim or turn off until you truly move them off yourself.

The downside is they’re a bit more difficult to install because you should worry about the wiring. Plus, you are somewhat limited concerning where you could place them.

There are some different styles of landscaping lights, also. Most are place on stakes and remain above the bottom about 10 or 12 inches. We also discovered some that lay practically flush with the bottom together with an orb-shaped design.

Just how many Lumens for Landscape Lighting?

Just how many Lumens for Landscape Lighting?

Just how many Lumens for Scenery Lighting?

Lumens identifies the amount of light that originates from a light bulb and lets you know about how precisely bright the light bulb is and how strong the light is. How many lumens you will need generally depends on where you’re likely to use your scenery lighting.

If you intend to hang your lighting, from 50 to 185 lumens is ideal. Landscape lighting along the ground should be between 50 and 300 lumens, according to where you place them. Spotlights should be about 120 lumens and path lamps 100 to 200 lumens.

When putting lamps in an area that’s seriously dark, shoot for higher lumens because you’ll need extra to illuminate the area. If you’re by using a lot of lighting close together, you can use likely make use of fewer lumens.

Landscape lighting addresses various uses. There will be pathway lights, backyard lighting, spotlights, and additional. They works extremely well to include pops of color or as a security light. Determine where and how you will definitely use your scenery lighting package before determining how many lumens you will need.

How exactly to Install LED Scenery Lighting?

How to install LED landscaping lamps depends on the type of light you’re using.

Solar Powered Stake Lights

These lights are the easiest to set up. All you have to accomplish is press the stake in to the surface and you’re completed.

If the ground is specially hard, dry, or rocky, you might have some trouble getting the stake to go in. It’s really important not to push it. Many of these spikes are constructed of plastic and may break very easily.

In this instance, it can benefit to wet the bottom a bit. This could support loosen the soil and make it simpler to force in the stake. Alternately, you can dig a hole in the bottom before inserting the stake.

It’s vital that you consider sun publicity when deciding where you can place this type of light. Because they require sunlight for a full charge, positioning them under trees or within an region with a whole lot of shadows each morning won’t deliver the very best results.

Wired Lights

Each product differs so be sure you follow the instructions that come with your wired landscaping lights. That said, here are several general guidelines to follow.

1. Layout the fixtures on the floor first and that means you obtain the structure you want. When you have them constantly in place, lay the wire out along the road.

2. Approach the light fixtures away aside and pick up a flat-blade shovel. Start about 12 inches from the spot where you prefer the lighting to be. Utilize the blade of the shovel to lift up the grass away from the soil and fold it over, leaving the soil exposed.

3. Utilize the shovel to create a tiny trench around three in . deep where you wish the cable to move. Don’t get any deeper than this because it will become too hard to gain access to the cable after.

4. Set the cable connection in the trench, leaving a small amount of slack you can simply attach the lighting down the road. Then, cover the trench leaving a number of the cable sticking up where the lamps are to get.

5. Operate the cable completely to the closest outdoor electrical outlet. Strip about ½ inch of the covering from the end of the cable and attach them to the terminals in the bottom of the transformer. Tighten the screws.

6. Mount the transformer to the wall structure or connect it to a stake and insert it into the ground.

7. Place the lamps into the floor and hook up them to the cable. Commonly, you will slide connectors over the cable and pinch them into place, producing contact between your light and the wire in the cable.

8. Continue installing each of the lights just as. Once you’re finished, clean the sod over and obvious connectors.


Adding landscaping lighting to your lawn or yard could make quite an impression. It takes an ordinary-seeking flower bed, tree, or walkway and turns it into something special.

Because presently there are as a result many options to select from, we put together this list of best LED landscape lighting that will help you find the appropriate collection for you personally. Whether you’re searching for something solar-driven or wired, there happen to be a lot of great options below to consider.

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