Jelani Jackson

Software Engineer

Miami, United States


Seasons greetings (any season works), I work as a software engineer (full-stack) primarily in the world of C#. You might be wondering why is there a C# guy here on a Python platform. Great question and the answer to that is I have a goal of developing an application in the realm of algorithmic trading. That spawned an interest in machine learning, which then lead to trying to figure out which language(s) fit best. I came across R, but I wanted to work with a general purpose language (because I could do more with the language) so I went with Python. One because I've had a brief stint working with Python as an undergrad and secondly because of the large Python community. This journey of a thousand steps roughly started around Dec '18 and since I've created a website using Django and started working on side projects which you can check out on my GitHub



Favorite Python Packages:

I don't really have a favorite since I'm fairly new to working with Python, but the packages that have been helpful have been `pytest-mock`, `python-dotenv` and `auth0-python` because of my side project


Software Engineer / Project Manager

  • Led team implementing service provider to migrate our customers off of Azure ACS which will be retired November 7, 2018, with the option for an extension to February 4, 2019
  • Led team implementing a new feature that allows our customers to become transparent with the communities they serve by making it easier for them to display internal policies to the public
  • Assisted in the localization of our application
  • Use metrics such as hardware resource utilization, bug reports, cost associated with bugs, to determine which technical debt or bugs to tackle next
  • Reduced resources used by our web application on production servers by moving resource intensive features to a separate microservices
  • Worked on back-end team to build internal API
  • Re-engineered editing feature using node js due to web browsers removing support for NPAPI and the potential to allow the application to work cross platform.


Amazon Web Services, Django, Fullstack Development, Git, JavaScript, SQL, Web Development

Joined: May 9, 2019

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