Andres Duque

Software Developer at

Medellín, Colombia


I love Development, it's my passion and I love to grow every day.

I’m Software Developer at 2Heart and Integration Web. Also, I’m Organizer in Python Medellín, Python Colombia, PyCon Colombia, Elixir Pro, ReactJs Pro, Angular Pro and PyLadies groups

My main skills are in Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, Rest API, Django Channels, Unit Test, PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services (EC2, EB, RDS, Load Balancer), HTML, Javascript, Jquery, CSS (Stylus, Bootstrap, Foundation) and I work using SCRUM methodology.

The last books I'm reading are:

- Two Scoops of Django 1.11
- Rich Father Poor Father
- How to Win Friends & Influence People
- Start with Why
- Elixir Programming

Just, I'm learning about Machine Learning, Elixir, React Js, Angular, Amazon Web Services (Code Deploy, Code Commit, Continous Integration, Continuous Delivery), Architecture, MongoDB and Redis.

Some years ago I worked with other languages like Java, C# and php and used other databases like Oracle, MySQL and MariaDB.


English, Spanish


Amazon Web Services, Backend Development, Django, Django Channels, Django REST Framework, Flask, Frontend Development, Fullstack Development, Git, JavaScript, Linux, PostgreSQL, ReactJS, Virtualenv, Web Development, Web Scraping, jQuery

Joined: Nov. 27, 2017