Artyom Antonov

Full-stack Python/Django,ML developer

Toliatty, Russian Federation


I am a full-stack developer who has 7 years of experience with Python and I have applied it to projects in many field including Web and API development , data analysis,cloud computing and machine learning.
Here's a sample of what I can help you with:
- API Design & Integration with Flask/Django Rest framework.
- Working with cloud services including GCP, AWS, Clarifai, ...
- Database & excel files handling, manipulation and visualization.
- Data analysis with Pandas.
- GUI Design with Tkinter and PyQt.
- Creating custom bash scripts for automation Unix tasks, like setting up Tensor-flow and other ML packages for GPUs.
- Web scraping with scrapy, selenium or requests & beautiful soup.
I am an avid learner, constantly looking for new challenges to take on and interesting topics to explore.
If my availability and skills match your project, Invite me to your job :D
I look forward to working with you and surpassing your expectations.
Please contact me.
Thank you!


Chinese, English, Russian

Favorite Python Packages:

- Django - requests - scrapy - pandas - Numpy - selenium - SQLAlchemy - matplotlib -IPython


- 2017.8 - 2017.10 Team Lead/Developer


GopherCard is an e-commerce gifting platform that simultaneously enables shoppers to use their cryptocurrencies to buy significantly discounted gift cards form the world's leading retailers and unlocks their ability to earn a variety of crryptocurrencies in a peer-to-peer digital currency exchange. I'm responsible for building B2B Django app and integration with Tango Card,BitPay, BitCoin, WorldPay,PayPal, Stripe APIs so as to facilitate digital marketing.

- 2017.5 - 2017.7 Team Lead/Developer


Wrote scraping scripts responsible for scraping data from dozens of affiliate websites. Run scraping scripts periodically in the background of the server using cronjob. Rendered data on one dashboard page with Newton Raphson method.

Back up DB automatically.

Counted Google sign in clicks .

Determined the position of each affiliate website.

- 2015.05 - 2016.10 Team Lead/Developer

Got it Pro - Python

Design and development of a e-learning portal in Python 2/3 based on Django framework with PostgreSQL backend, frontend written mostly in AngularJS with elements of JQuery, background tasks based on Celery, deployments to Linux hosts in Heroku.

Designing and developing RESTful APIs based on Django REST Framework, integration with various external providers including Sendgrid, Google maps, Google analytics etc. Source control based on Git with extensive use of GitHub extensions. Test-driven development and continuous integration.

Integrated applications with designing database architecture and server

scripting, studying & establishing.

- 2014.11 - 2015.04 Administrative Assistant

Affiliate program

Work as key analyst in the team, focused onCommission Insight and Commission Segmentation. Manage a DevOps team supporting full life cycle of a distributed system providing predictions on commission on affiliate websiteswith a core based on machine-learning technologies (SciKit-learn,Pandas etc.) as well as marketing components based on Python2,3/Django/Celery/PostgreSQL/Selenium for Python (lead management, email campaigns etc.),interfacesto external data sources and APIs, as well as internal REST API based on DRF. Managed a small team of programmers using a modified 2 version of the agile development.

- 2012.10 - 2014.11 Web Developer and Software Engineer

Exact Software

Responsibilities : An extensible web application interface. Cross-Platform :

OS(Linux, Windows, Mac),Web server(Apache, IIS), Database(MySQL,PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server fully supported)

●Created RESTFUL API's for several of our Intranet applications using open source software

●Designed and developed corporate website using the Django framework

●Designed and developed a corporate intranet that is used in daily work flow to increase

●Created multiple advertorial pieces from concept and managed small advertising campaigns

●Created a work flow using technologies such as GIT/SSH to develop multi-programmer


Amazon Web Services, AngularJS, Artificial Intelligence, Celery, DevOps, Django, Django REST Framework, Docker, Flask, Machine Learning, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ReactJS, Redux, SQLAlchemy, Scrapy

Joined: March 13, 2019

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