Andrii Mykytenko

Aleannlab Web Development

Poltava, Ukraine


The company has been formed by a group of professionals having practical experience in Information Technology. People involved here are young qualified web developers and qualified IT engineers from famous Ukrainian high technology Institutes and Universities.
The resource staff working in the company constantly provides reliable services for the creation, support of existing projects, and advice to a wide range of companies and corporations as direct web developers or consultants. The essence of the company's philosophy is to build long-term business partnerships with its customers, where the main building blocks are interpersonal relationships, reliability, guaranteed quality, and goal-oriented modern technology.
We want to establish ourselves as the best choice in Computing and Information Technology Services, Consultancy, and Development by offering the full spectrum of services.


English, Russian, Ukrainian


2018 - 2019 Remote

Simpleray | Full Stack MERN Lead  developer remote

  • Develop internal dashboard for engineers. Stack - node js+TS, apollo graphql server, PostgreSQL/MongoDB on server. Frontend - react js+TS, apollo client, redux, styled-components. For testing - jest, react-testing-library, enzemy. For e2e testing - cypress. Run in docker on google kubernete,  

2017 - 2018 Remote

Nmodes | FullStack Python/MERN developer remote

  • Developing Chatbots (FB messenger, Slack, Telegram, Discord, Twitter) 
  • MS bot framework or pure node js or python
  • Deployment AWS EC2, AWS Lambda,  Google Cloud, MS Azure
  • AI API: Dialog  flow, Watson IBM, MS Luis
  • Developing dashboards with DjangoREST\NodeJS Express + React

2016 - 2018 Remote

Raceflight | FullStack Python/Javascript developer  remote

  • Building Django/flask web applications
  • Creating API for internal services
  • Creating from scratch desktop app using NW.js
  • Support existing web application (Django, flask, pure PHP)
  • A lot of scriptwriting (scraping, crawling, data processing)

MONTH 2014 - MONTH 2016 Remote

Codeorange, Phoenix USA - FullStack developer remote

  • Web scraping and web automatization on selenium based solution
  • Development android/IOS application (swift/java) 
  • Simple browser extension for chrome and firefox


AngularJS, Django, Flask, Frontend Development, Fullstack Development, Git, Google Cloud Platform, GraphQL, JavaScript, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ReactJS, jQuery, wxPython

Joined: Dec. 28, 2020