Razia Khan

Python/Django Developer



I am a web developer and a big fan of free and open source software. My experience primarily lies with the use of Python, Django (a Python-based web framework). My interest is being involved in every phase of the software development process. I have more than 2 years of Python/Django experience. I am also comfortable building user interfaces for Internet browsers using plain HTML, JavaScript, Angular2/4, Reactjs, Bootstrap 4 jQuery, AJAX, CSS etc. Presently I am working as a Python Developer in Greytip Software Pvt Ltd.


English, Hindi

Favorite Python Packages:

IPython, Django, DjangoRestFrameword, Requests, Pillow, pip, celery, redis, gunicorn, SQLAlchemy, NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, matplotlib,


Greytip Software

Greytip Software

Python Developer

I am working as a Python Developer in GreytHR Software Pvt Ltd. It is providing the best Payroll & HR solution. The website can be found at https://www.greythr.com/.


Python Developer

Backend Developer, Python/Django

Name:- Localifyd

Dates:- Employed Sep 2016 – Jan 2017

Employment Duration:- 5 mos

Location:- Bengaluru Area, India

Developed most of the backend of Localifyd. It is an android app which lets you discover your neighbors as per your choices and start chatting with them instantly. A mobile app to find people nearby.


AngularJS, Django, Django REST Framework, Flask, Git, Gunicorn, Linux, Nginx, PostgreSQL, Redis

Joined: Feb. 3, 2019

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