Maycon Batestin

Analista Desenvolvedor Pleno Python

Sao Paulo, Brazil


How to start a story about me? First, of course, I must say my name. Maycon Cypriano Batestin. I have schooling, of course. I know English (by the way!), And I love cinema and computers. My favorite movie? Jurassic Park (The first!). What do I do? Well, that’s the big question, right? I work in the advertising and audiovisual events market for more than 10 years, mainly in the areas of STUDIO DIRECTION, VIDEOGRAPHY, VIDEO EDITING, CINEGRAPHISM, AUDIO TECHNICIAN, VIDEO COLORING, DIRECTORSHIP, ROUTERIZATION AND HISTORY.
In addition to this segment, I also work with programming. I master Python, C #, C, C ++ and develop software and games.

I await more from you.



Favorite Python Packages:

Django, Flask, Pandas, MondoDB, Flask_Restfull, Postgree, SQL, AWS


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Big Data, Django, Django REST Framework, Flask, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, REST

Joined: October 2020