JP Subbu

Python Developer

Surbiton, United Kingdom


I can help you 100% if your answer to any of the below question is "YES" :)

Quickly spin up a Python app as PoC to show case your business idea ?
Guidance in designing backend for your eco system ?
Help with migrating to or deploy and manage in Cloud (AWS and GCP)?
Need a hand with your ML problems?
Deploy and Manage trained models
Want to extract data from sources containing unstructured info ?
Get insights from a dataset ?
Transform/Normalise data?

or simply a helping hand with your on-going Python application development?

Otherwise just a drop a mail I will go through your requirement and come back to you if I can help or refer my known connection



Favorite Python Packages:

pandas numpy scikit-learn tensorflow scrapy matplotlib nltk spacy twisted sqlalchemy flask & flask-* requests json schematics pydantic pytest


An experienced Python Developer/Technical Product Owner with a proven record of working on various large-scale assignments including Data Processing/Analysis where my current passion is

Recent Deliverables:

As Data Consultant for a Financial Body defining standards for Financial Institutions

  • Analyse, Design and Proposal of Information Architecture
  • Development of Data Model based on Information Architecture
  • Designed data pipeline to
    • a) source financial critical information from variety of uncontrolled data sources
    • b) normalise/transform them into internal data scheme
    • c) translate and confirming into data storage which further exposed via AP

As Solution Architect/Lead Dev for a leading Media client:

  • Reviewed existing business use-cases and requirements for OTT Video platform
  • Designed and Delivered micro-services architecture with key modules such as content meta data ingestion, data management (publish and validation) and API access management
  • Developed RESTful API services to expose ingested metadata to downstream clients (Mobile/Web Clients/Analytics)
  • Built PoC to merge video metrics and content meta data for an event prediction analysis
  • Used Python (Flask/ Bootstrap), AWS (EC2 and RDS), Docker, Kubernetes, Jupyter

As Lead Dev for a leading Media client:

  • Repurposed Centralised Catalogue for new business group requirement by enhancing and building new REST APIs
  • Catalogue publisher module to AWS S3 bucket
  • Design of Subscription Management system by exposing subscription data via REST APIs to upstream clients
  • Design and developed overnight batch processing for subscription renewals by querying Cassandra database
  • Micro service integration (Subscription Management with Catalogue Services)
  • Designed and developed Canary deployment pipeline to move from Continuous Integration (CI) to Continuous Deployment (CD) by integrating Jenkins, Prometheus, Slack bot and Grafana (Elastic Search APIs) and Hysterix
  • Integrated Subscription Management system with Account Janitor via Kafka to comply GDPR regulation
  • Migrated metadata content managed from using pull feed system to Kafka queue based system
  • AWS to in-house infrastructure (used Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka) migration


Amazon Web Services, Apache, Backend Development, Celery, Data Science, Docker, Elasticsearch, Flask, Google Cloud Platform, GraphQL, Gunicorn, Hadoop, JavaScript, Kubernetes, Linux, Machine Learning, MongoDB, Natural Language Processing, Nginx, NumPy, Pandas, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, SQL, SQLAlchemy, SciPy, Scrapy, Twisted, jQuery

Joined: March 15, 2019

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