Sebastian Ernst

Free scientist without specialization (15+ years experience, 12+ years Python)

Leipzig, Germany



English, German

Favorite Python Packages:

numpy, oc2py, numba, joblib, cupy, pycuda, pytorch, keras, tensorflow, cython, numexpr, matplotlib, seaborn, plotly, bokeh, folium, sympy, pyserial, h5py, zarr, bcolz, nodeenv, jupyter, pyqgis, click


I am a free scientist without specialization. I can offer more than one and a half decades of experience in various scientific disciplines, related data analysis & computing from embedded systems to super computers as well as the development of instrumentation (hardware & sensors). A lot of my work has evolved around geophysics, [aero-] space engineering and (many) related disciplines.

Python, C, Matlab/Octave, Bash and a little JavaScript here and there are the foundations of a lot of my work.

I maintain Python packages on Github:

  • zugbruecke allows to call routines in Windows DLLs from Python code running on Unices / Unix-like systems such as Linux, MacOS or BSD. zugbruecke is designed as a drop-in replacement for Python's standard library's ctypes module.
  • loggedfs-python is a FUSE-based filesystem which can log every operation that happens in it. The filesystem is fully POSIX compliant (passing the pjdfstest test-suite) and intended to be suitable for production systems.

As a showcase project for numerical / high-performance / gpGPU computing, I also maintain the following Python package on Github:

  • gravitation serves as an n-body-simulation performance test suite.


Amazon Web Services, Big Data, Data Science, Docker, Git, JavaScript, Keras, Linux, Machine Learning, Mercurial, MongoDB, NumPy, Pandas, PyQt, SciPy, TensorFlow, Virtualenv, Visualization

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