Timilehin Oladejo

Data Scientist

Ile-Ife, Nigeria


Hi, my name is Timilehin, I am Data Scientist with 3 years of experience, I have extensive experience in Machine Learning specializing in Machine Learning , for computer vision and natural language processing, I have deployed various deep learning models with Python Flask and FastAPI, using Tensorflow as backend for the deep learning model and other Python machine learning libraries.

Feel free to contact me if you have any further question, Thanks.



Favorite Python Packages:

Tensorflow, keras, fastAPI, Flask, Scikit-Learn, Pandas.


I have been working as a freelancer ever since I started my machine learning career, I've completed various deep learning and machine learning projects, on computer vision and natural language understanding, projects like Automatic Number Plate Recognition, and Gun detector in Real time.


Big Data, Data Science, Keras, Pandas, SciPy, TensorFlow

Joined: May 2023