Vladimir Grechukhin

Python Developer

Saint-Petresburg, Russian Federation


My name is Vladimir. I finished Saratov State University, and I've been working as a Python developer for more than 3 years now. I live in Saint-Petersburg.

I love creating home projects that help me in regular life, you can check them in my github profile.

P.S. I am the guy on the left on the photo.


English, Russian

Favorite Python Packages:

Django, requests, PyQt, Sqlalchemy, Flask.


Graduated Saratov State University in CS and moved to Saint-Petersburg after that.

Worked for 1 year in small web-developing studio IT-solution as a Python and JS developer.

Now I work for Positive Technologies. We create security systems for companies. I work in department that develops Web Application Firewall, I am generally responsible for UI and utilities and other related tasks.


Django, Django REST Framework, Google Cloud Platform, Nginx, PostgreSQL, PyQt, SQLAlchemy, Web Scraping

Joined: Dec. 11, 2017

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