Miguel Ximenez

Python Backend developer with engineering background.

Alicante, Spain


I'm a Python programmer with 8 years of experience on software development, with background on engineering(electrical), innovator by nature and highly reliable. Not only a coder but also an application architecture designer focusing on simplicity, code maintenance, testing and security. High communication capacities with team members.


English, Spanish

Favorite Python Packages:

Threading, Flask, Panda, Numpy...


A Python application based on Blender(Python) for automating the generation of molds(manufacturing) based on 3D meshes.

* Job Description:

Working as a contractor implementing fetures in Python 3.x, desiging the aplication architecture and working together with the 3D designers and finding ways to automate its requirements that implied research on geometrical algorithms in order to automate the workflow.

* Description of the application and features:

- Starting with an original 3D object generate  molds(3D meshes) for a manufacturing technique based on thermoplastics.

- Process automation.

- Geometric definition rules for detecting errors and design check rules.

* Contractor: https://www.3dti.tech/

* Time: 2018 - Now.


A Python backend server for a aerial vehicles operations providing video streaming and GIS services.

* Job Description:

Working as a contractor implementing fetures in Python 3.x, design of the architecture and implementation of an API multiservice backend for generating video sessions and serving data such as orthomosaics, flight path visualization, weather forecast, air zones status.

* Description of the application and features:

- The server API interface is programmed using Flask.

- It manages the video sessions using dedicated video streaming servers controlled by a multithreading controller.

- Communication with external API's.

- User management and roles. Video sharing sessions.

- Geometric service for finding geolocated information.

* Contractor: https://awakeflights.com

* Time: 2019 - Now.


A Python backend server web crawling and data analitics for the real state market.

* Job Description:

Working as a contractor implementing crawling bots for real state platforms, database analisys and generation of reports.

* Description of the application and features:

- Crawling bots implemented using Selenium and Scrapy.

- Bots Multithreading and sheduling.

- Natural Language Toolkit for extracting information about the properties description and database normalization.

- Reports resulting from masive searchs by geolocated parametters such as closeness(time travel by car) to a city, number of habitants, surrounding services.

- Legal aspects.

* Contractor: https://tecnocasa.es

* Time: 2015 - 2017.


This is the latest and most relevant work, for more information about previous works or not 100% Python based please don't hesitate to ask.


Amazon Web Services, Apache, Backend Development, Big Data, Data Science, Docker, Flask, Heroku, JavaScript, Keras, Kivy, Linux, MongoDB, MySQL, REST

Joined: January 2022