Veljko Skorupan


Novi Sad, Serbia


Full-time programmer with experience in web development with Python (Django, Flask), web scraping, Linux administration.

I'm proficient in a lot of OOP languages such as Java but preferred one is Python.

I have good communication skills written and spoken.

Main skills: Python, PostgreSQL, REST-ful, Docker, docker-compose, Kubernetes.


Chinese, English, Serbian

Favorite Python Packages:

Flask, Django, pyplot, json,


Hello, I'm Veljko Python engineer from Novi Sad, Serbia (GMT/UTC +1).

You can learn more about me from my cv at

Worked on a lot of projects with python including deploying, scaling and maintaining applications.

I'm a big fan of automation and I built my own IoT platform in Django rest framework, using raspberry pis and Arduino's, with ssh protocol, where they shared files over the platform and uploaded interpreted code on them based on API input. Also, one of my strengths is server administration, and I have skill with docker, docker-compose and kubernates.

Some of mine most recent projects are:

- - Life coaching platform (AWS Lamda , Flask, Microservices)

- - Customer service platform for managing customer data (Django, PostgreSQL, Vue.js)

- - Python Blockchain SDK for trading MOBI coins. Best regards, Veljko Skorupan


Django, Django REST Framework, Docker, Flask, JavaScript, MongoDB, Nginx, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy

Joined: March 7, 2019

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